IBM z196 (IBM 2817) Specifications

Expand your company’s IT capabilities and get a mainframe server that stands the test of time. Our selection of used IBM z196 mainframes can help you process data without skipping a beat. In the world of technology, there aren’t many name brands that come with the reputation of an IBM product, and for good reason. The company has built a legacy of reliability with machines leading in power and security, which you will find in our selection of refurbished IBM z196 units.


zEnterprise System is designed to deliver:

  • Improved total system capacity in a 96-way core design.
    • Improved performance of all workloads
    • Massive scalability for secure data serving and transaction processing and large-scale consolidation
    • Up to 80 cores that are customer-configurable
  • Quad-core 5.2 GHz processor chips with 100+ new instructions that enable improved code efficiency, and are designed to help improve the execution of CPU-intensive workloads.
  • Up to 3 terabytes (TB) of available real memory per server for growing application needs (with up to 1 TB real memory per LPAR).
  • Improved availability in the memory subsystem with redundant array of independent memory (RAIM).
  • Availability improvement – concurrent add/delete of I/O drawer.
  • Increased scalability with 45 available subcapacity settings.
  • Crypto Express3 cryptographic enhancements.
  • Auto-renewal of On/Off Capacity on Demand records which is designed to eliminate the need to manually replenish your On/Off CoD records.
  • Purchase of unassigned CP or IFL capacity via Customer Initiated Upgrade.
  • Up to 128 coupling CHPIDs (double that of z10) and up to 80 physical external coupling links (12x InfiniBand, 1x InfiniBand, ISC-3), a 25% increase compared to z10.
  • Up to 72 I/O, networking, and crypto features.
  • Up to 240 ESCON channels.
  • Up to 32 HiperSockets (double the number available on z10 EC).
  • Energy efficiencies – more performance to help you run more efficiently in the same footprint.
    • Energy monitoring capability and power save option for the processor, which is designed to provide a 25 – 30% reduction in power consumption depending on the system configuration
    • Optional water cooling, providing the ability to cool systems with user-chilled water
    • Optional high-voltage DC power, which can save System z customers 1-3%, on average, on their power bills
  • Top exit I/O cabling, which is designed to provide increased flexibility and increase air flow in raised-floor environments.

Upgrade Path

Any z196 can be upgraded to another z196 hardware model. Upgrade of models M15, M32, M49, and M66 to M80 is disruptive (that is, the machine is unavailable during this upgrade).

Any z9® EC or z10 EC model can be upgraded to any z196 model. The figure presents a diagram of the upgrade path.

Technical Overview

The IBM zEnterprise 196 is designed with improved scalability, performance, security, resiliency, availability, and virtualization. The new 96-way core design delivers massive scalability for secure data serving and transaction processing for large-scale consolidation. As environmental concerns raise the focus on energy consumption, the IBM zEnterprise 196 central processor complex (CPC) is designed with new energy efficiencies that can reduce energy use and save floor space when consolidating workloads from distributed servers. For clients looking to build green datacenters, optional water cooling and high-voltage DC power allow a bold step into the future of cooler computing and increased energy efficiency without changing the system footprint.

The IBM zEnterprise Unified Resource Manager manages System z ensembles — collections of one or more zEnterprise System nodes in which each node is comprised of a z196 and its optionally attached IBM zEnterprise BladeCenter Extension (zBX) model 002. An ensemble can consist of a single z196 with no zBX attached, or two to eight CPCs where at least one of the z196s has a zBX attached. The resources of a zEnterprise System ensemble are managed and virtualized as a single pool of resources integrating system and workload management across the multisystem, multitier, multiarchitecture environment.

When IBM zEnterprise BladeCenter Extension (zBX) is attached to IBM zEnterprise 196, the zBX infrastructure works with the z196 to support the multiplatform environment, combining mainframe and distributed technologies. The zBX can support IBM Smart Analytics Optimizer for DB2 for z/OS, V1.1 (5697-AQT) and certain POWER7 blades.

The IBM Smart Analytics Optimizer for DB2 for z/OS, V1.1 (5697-AQT) is designed to deliver improved service through accelerated and accurate business insight. This workload-optimized, appliance-like add-on is installed in the zBX and connects to DB2, providing transparency to all applications. The optional POWER7 blade is installed in the zBX, enabling application integration with System z transaction processing, messaging, and data serving capabilities. The blades are managed as part of a single logical virtualized environment by IBM zEnterprise Unified Resource Manager.

IBM Global Technology Services (GTS) and Systems Lab Services can help you assess and perform application fit-for-purpose analysis, and design an IBM zEnterprise System that integrates IT strategy and business priority. This includes developing the business case and high-level transition plan, and a roadmap for an adaptable and efficient infrastructure. GTS and Systems Lab Services can also enable you to build and run a smarter IBM zEnterprise System environment. With these services, you can migrate effectively and efficiently to an IBM zEnterprise System, create a more cost-effective and manageable computing environment with server, storage, and network optimization, integration, and implementation, and effectively run and manage the IBM zEnterprise System with maintenance and technical support services.

The IBM System z10 Enterprise Class and IBM System z10 Business Class can now use operational controls on the Hardware Management Console (HMC) to manage IBM Smart Analytics Optimizer for DB2 for z/OS V1.1 (5697-AQT). This is a heterogeneous Business Intelligence (BI) infrastructure that is a single entity with minimal risk and improved costs. With today’s announcement, the HMC provides extended support to manage the IBM zEnterprise BladeCenter Extension (zBX) Model 001 and IBM Smart Analytics Optimizer for DB2 for z/OS V1.1 (5697-AQT) capabilities.

The System z10 is also simplifying key management with Trusted Key Entry (TKE) workstation enhancements by allowing a writable USB-attached media to be used to help install TKE license Internal Code (LIC).

The IBM zEnterprise System (TM) offers a total systems approach to delivering advanced heterogeneous systems management functions that is unmatched in the industry. The announcement of zEnterprise System takes technology to the next level. The IBM zEnterprise System consists of the hardware management subsystems — CPC, memory, I/O, power/packaging/cooling — and platform management firmware that is designed to enable you to run heterogeneous workloads under the management of one system with IBM zEnterprise System (IBM zEnterprise 196 + IBM zEnterprise BladeCenter Extension (zBX) + IBM zEnterprise Unified

The IBM zEnterprise System is designed to provide:

  • Enablement of new workloads and improved management of heterogeneous workloads with Unified Resource Manager
  • Improved performance – on average 40% faster processor unit than z10 EC
  • Larger capacity with 80 user-configurable processor units
  • Flexibility – offered by 45 subcapacity settings
  • Improved power efficiency – 1.6x improvement (vs z10 EC)
  • Investment protection
  • Improved availability with a redesign of the memory subsystem
  • Improved reliability with new multichip module (MCM) design
  • New power delivery technology with triple redundancy
  • Increased memory – up to 3 TB memory (with up to 1 TB real memory per LPAR)
  • Crypto Express3 cryptographic enhancements
  • I/O rejuvenation
    • Doubling of coupling CHPIDs vs z10 EC (up to 128), and up to 80 physical external coupling links (12x InfiniBand, 1x InfiniBand, ISC-3), a 25% increase compared to z10
    • Double the number of HiperSockets vs z10 EC (up to 32)
    • Availability enhancements such as allowing Concurrent Add/Delete of I/O drawers
  • Optional water cooling
  • Optional high-voltage DC power
  • Optional top exit I/O cabling
  • Static power save mode
  • New Capacity on Demand architecture and enhancements
    • Auto-renewal of On/Off Capacity on Demand records
    • Purchase of unassigned CP or IFL capacity via Customer Initiated Upgrade

z196 10-Core Chip Details

The z196 PU chip is an evolution of the z10 core design, using CMOS 12S technology, out-of-order instruction processing, higher clock frequency, and larger caches. Compute intensive workloads can achieve additional performance improvements through compiler enhancements, and larger caches can improve system performance on many production workloads.

Each PU chip has up to four cores running at 5.2 GHz, which means a 0.19 ns cycle time. There are six PU chips on each MCM. The PU chips come in two versions, having three active cores or all four active cores. For models M15, M32, M49, and M66, the processor units in the MCM in each book are implemented with a mix of four PU chips with three active cores (PU0, PU1, PU2, and PU4) and two PU chips with four active cores (PU3 and PU5), resulting in 20 active cores per MCM. This means that model M15 has 20, model M32 has 40, model M49 has 60, and model M66 has 80 active cores.

Each processor unit, or core, is a superscalar, out of order processor, having six execution units, as follows:

  • Two fixed point (integer)
  • Two load/store
  • One binary floating point
  • One decimal floating point

ModelsBooksInstalled PUsStandard SAPsMin Spare PUsMax Characterized PUs
M15120 (1 X 20)3215
M32240 (2 x 20)6232
M49360 (3 X 20)9249
M66480 (4 X 20)12266
M80496 (4 X 24)14280

Inside the IBM Z196 2817

IBM z196 2817 MIPS Chart

SystemPlatformModelEstimated MIPSMSUActive CPUsIBM MMCFirst Available
z1962817401240301$6,280 Q3 2010
z1962817402459582$6,729 Q3 2010
z1962817501588741$7,524 Q3 2010
z1962817403672853$8,346 Q3 2010
z1962817601768971$9,434 Q3 2010
z19628174048791104$10,665 Q3 2010
z196281740510821355$12,826 Q3 2010
z196281750211231402$13,249 Q3 2010
z196281770112021501$13,977 Q3 2010
z196281740612801606$14,836 Q3 2010
z196281760214601822$16,803 Q3 2010
z196281740714761837$16,974 Q3 2010
z196281750316422043$18,758 Q3 2010
z196281740816672078$19,039 Q3 2010
z196281740918552299$21,047 Q3 2010
z1962817410203925210$23,111 Q3 2010
z196281760321312633$24,108 Q3 2010
z196281750421472655$24,286 Q3 2010
z1962817411222027411$25,098 Q3 2010
z196281770222722812$25,679 Q3 2010
z1962817412239729612$26,990 Q3 2010
z1962817413257131813$28,891 Q3 2010
z196281750526393265$29,644 Q3 2010
z1962817414274233914$30,782 Q3 2010
z196281760427833444$31,208 Q3 2010
z1962817415290935915$32,502 Q3 2010
z196281750631183856$34,633 Q3 2010
z196281770333114083$36,563 Q3 2010
z196281760534174215$37,603 Q3 2010
z196281750735864427$39,241 Q3 2010
z196281760640354976$43,575 Q3 2010
z196281750840424988$43,642 Q3 2010
z196281770443205314$44,854 Q3 2010
z196281750944865529$45,661 Q3 2010
z196281760746355697$46,720 Q3 2010
z1962817510491960410$48,759 Q3 2010
z196281760852196408$50,485 Q3 2010
z196281770553006505$50,920 Q3 2010
z1962817511534265511$51,174 Q3 2010
z1962817512575470512$53,112 Q3 2010
z196281760957887099$53,248 Q3 2010
z1962817513615675413$55,406 Q3 2010
z196281770662517666$56,029 Q3 2010
z1962817610634177710$56,614 Q3 2010
z1962817514654780614$57,884 Q3 2010
z1962817611687984311$59,481 Q3 2010
z1962817515692984915$59,711 Q3 2010
z196281770771758797$60,776 Q3 2010
z1962817612740390712$61,651 Q3 2010
z1962817613791396913$63,184 Q3 2010
z196281770880729888$63,521 Q3 2010
z19628176148409102814$63,325 Q3 2010
z19628176158891108415$65,356 Q3 2010
z1962817709894310919$65,515 Q3 2010
z19628177109788119110$67,622 Q3 2010
z196281771110609128611$69,051 Q3 2010
z196281771211407138112$70,567 Q3 2010
z196281771312181147313$70,825 Q3 2010
z196281771412932156214$72,549 Q3 2010
z196281771513662164815$74,185 Q3 2010
z196281771614371173116$80,213 Q3 2010
z196281771715076181617$81,737 Q3 2010
z196281771815778189918$82,810 Q3 2010
z196281771916476198319$92,147 Q3 2010
z196281772017171206420$84,460 Q3 2010
z196281772117862214421$85,259 Q3 2010
z196281772218550222422$86,694 Q3 2010
z196281772319234230623$90,649 Q3 2010
z196281772419915238824$93,152 Q3 2010
z196281772520592246925$95,131 Q3 2010
z196281772621266255026$97,013 Q3 2010
z196281772721937262727$98,814 Q3 2010
z196281772822604270428$100,921 Q3 2010
z196281772923268278029$103,356 Q3 2010
z196281773023929285530$105,752 Q3 2010
z196281773124586292731$108,101 Q3 2010
z196281773225241299832$110,417 Q3 2010
z196281773325893306833$112,695 Q3 2010
z196281773426543313434$119,202 Q3 2010
z196281773527191320735$121,405 Q3 2010
z196281773627837327936$123,571 Q3 2010
z196281773728482335137$125,695 Q3 2010
z196281773829124341838$127,778 Q3 2010
z196281773929765348939$129,821 Q3 2010
z196281774030403356440$131,818 Q3 2010
z196281774131040363941$134,047 Q3 2010
z196281774231675371342$136,254 Q3 2010
z196281774332308378843$138,439 Q3 2010
z196281774432938386144$140,596 Q3 2010
z196281774533568393545$142,739 Q3 2010
z196281774634195400946$144,857 Q3 2010
z196281774734820408247$146,951 Q3 2010
z196281774835443415548$149,024 Q3 2010
z196281774936065422849$151,079 Q3 2010
z196281775036683430050$156,519 Q3 2010
z196281775137297437251$158,514 Q3 2010
z196281775237907444452$160,479 Q3 2010
z196281775338514451553$162,418 Q3 2010
z196281775439117458654$164,329 Q3 2010
z196281775539717465655$166,213 Q3 2010
z196281775640313472656$168,069 Q3 2010
z196281775740905479557$169,896 Q3 2010
z196281775841494486458$171,698 Q3 2010
z196281775942079493359$173,470 Q3 2010
z196281776042661500160$175,218 Q3 2010
z196281776143239506961$176,938 Q3 2010
z196281776243814513662$178,633 Q3 2010
z196281776344385520363$180,299 Q3 2010
z196281776444953527064$181,941 Q3 2010
z196281776545517533665$183,555 Q3 2010
z196281776646078540266$185,146 Q3 2010
z196281776746622546667$186,660 Q3 2010
z196281776847147552868$188,089 Q3 2010
z196281776947656558869$189,448 Q3 2010
z196281777048149564670$190,736 Q3 2010
z196281777148626570271$191,954 Q3 2010
z196281777249087575772$193,101 Q3 2010
z196281777349534581073$194,186 Q3 2010
z196281777449967586274$195,210 Q3 2010
z196281777550385591275$196,169 Q3 2010
z196281777650791596076$197,075 Q3 2010
z196281777751183600777$197,921 Q3 2010
z196281777851563605378$198,715 Q3 2010
z196281777951931609779$199,455 Q3 2010
z196281778052286614080$200,142 Q3 2010
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