IBM z10 BC (IBM 2098) Specifications

Give your IT operations a speed bump without sacrificing reliability by purchasing a refurbished IBM z10 BC mainframe for sale through Top Gun. This unit packs a punch with the power to process and analyze massive amounts of data. Take full advantage your used IBM z10 BC by utilizing cutting edge cloud platforms that integrate cloud and data center.


The 2098 IBM System z10 Business Class (z10 BC) delivers innovative technologies for small and medium enterprises that give you a whole new world of capabilities to run modern applications. Ideally suited as the cornerstone of your new enterprise data center, this competitively priced server delivers unparalleled qualities of service to help manage growth and reduce cost and risk in your business.

The IBM System z10 BC is a world-class enterprise server built on the inherent strengths of the IBM System z platform. It is designed to deliver new technologies and virtualization that provide improvements in price/performance for key new workloads. The System z10 BC further extends System z leadership in key capabilities with the delivery of granular growth options, business-class consolidation, improved security and availability to reduce risk, and just-in-time capacity deployment helping to respond to changing business requirements. Whether you want to deploy new applications quickly, grow your business without growing IT costs or consolidate your infrastructure for reduced complexity, look no further – z Can Do IT. The System z10 BC delivers:

  • The IBM z10 Enterprise Quad Core processor chip running at 3.5 GHz, designed to help improve CPU intensive workloads.
  • A single model E10 offering increased granularity and scalability with 130 available capacity settings.
  • Up to a 5-way general purpose processor and up to 5 additional Specialty Engine processors or up to a 10-way IFL or ICF server for increased levels of performance and scalability to help enable new business growth.
  • Integrated Encryption designed to provide high-speed cryptography for protecting data in storage. CP Assist for Cryptographic Function (CPACF) offers more protection and security options with Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 192 and 256 and stronger hash algorithms with Secure Hash Algorithm (SHA-384 and SHA-512). Support for Longer Personal Account Numbers for stronger data protection on Crypto Express2. Trusted Key Entry Licensed Internal Code 5.3 enhancement to support Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encryption algorithm, audit logging, and an infrastructure for payment card industry data security standard (PCIDSS)
  • Integrated Hardware Decimal Floating Point unit on each core on the Processor Unit (PU), which can aid in decimal floating point calculations and is designed to deliver performance improvements and precision in execution.
  • Up to 120 GB of available real memory per server for growing application needs Also a new 8GB fixed Hardware System Area (HSA) which is managed separately from customer memory. This fixed HSA is designed to improve availability by avoiding outages.
  • Plan ahead memory that allows for non disruptive memory increases.
  • Just-in-time deployment of capacity resources which can improve flexibility when making temporary or permanent changes. Activation can be further simplified and automated using z/OS Capacity Provisioning (available on z/OS V1.9 with PTF and on z/OS V1.10). Additionally, increased flexibility with the ability for more temporary offerings installed on the CPC and ways to acquire capacity backup.
  • Temporary capacity offering Capacity for Planned Event (CPE), a variation of Capacity Back Up (CBU). CPE can be used when capacity is unallocated, but available, and is needed for a short-term event.
  • Production workload may now be executed on a CBU Upgrade during a CBU Test provided that certain contract terms are in effect with IBM.
  • InfiniBand host bus bandwidth at 6 GBps designed to deliver improved performance.
  • The InfiniBand Coupling Links with a link data rate of 6 GBps, designed to provide a high-speed solution and increased distance (150 meters) compared to ICB-4 (10 meters).
  • Long reach 1x InfiniBand coupling links – an alternative to ISC-3 facilitating coupling link consolidation
  • Coupling Facility Control Code Level 16 – to help deliver faster service time for CF Duplexing, and improvements to the efficiency of workload distribution when using shared queues in the Coupling Facility.
  • Time accuracy, availability and system management improvements with new STP enhancements.
  • Improved access to data with High Performance FICON for System z (zHPF) on both FICON Express4 and FICON Express2. Additionally, enhanced problem determination, analysis, and manageability of the storage area network (SAN) by providing registration information to the fabric on the name server for both FICON and FCP.
  • FCP – increased performance for small block sizes
  • SCSI Initial Program Load (IPL) – now a base function
  • Platform and name server registration in FICON channel.
  • Extended-distance FICON – helps avoid degradation of performance at extended distances.
  • Increased performance for Local Area Network connectivity with new OSA-Express3 I/O features providing double the port density, increased throughput, and reduced latency. OSA-Express3 10 GbE Long Reach (LR) and Short Reach (SR), OSA Express3 GbE 4-port LX and SX, OSA-Express3-2P GbE SX, OSA-Express3 1000BASE-T 4-port card and OSA-Express3-2P 1000BASE-T.
  • HiperSockets improvements with Multiple Write Facility for increased performance and Layer 2 support to host IP and non-IP workloads.
  • Support for IBM Systems Director Active Energy Manager (AEM) for Linux on System z for a single view of actual energy usage across multiple heterogeneous IBM platforms within the infrastructure. AEM V3.1 is a key component of IBM’s Cool Blue portfolio within Project Big Green.

Upgrade Path

Any z890 and any z9 BC model can be upgraded to a z10 BC. The z10 BC can also be upgraded to the high-end z10 EC Model E12. All of these upgrades are disruptive. Provided sufficient uncharacterized PUs are available, upgrades within the z10 BC (that is, by changing the capacity setting of CPs or by adding CPs, IFLs, zAAPs, zIIPs, ICFs, or SAPs) are nondisruptive.

Flowchart of z10 BC Upgradee Path

Technical Overview

The z10 BC further extends the leadership of System z by delivering expanded granularity and optimized scalability for growth, enriched virtualization technology for consolidation of distributed workloads, improved availability and security to help increase business resiliency, and just-in-time management of resources. The z10 BC is at the core of the enhanced System z platform and is the new face of System z.

In the area of server availability, enhancements have been engineered into the z10 BC to help eliminate unwanted down time. For example, preplanning requirements are minimized by delivering a fixed, reserved Hardware System Area (HSA) that enables dynamic creation of logical partitions, including logical channel subsystems, subchannel sets, and devices, using dynamic I/O without preplanning. Additionally, new capabilities are intended to allow you to dynamically change logical processor definitions and cryptographic co-processor definitions for a logical partition without requiring the logical partition to be deactivated and re-activated.

Further improvement to availability and flexibility is achieved with just-in-time deployment of capacity resources designed to dynamically change capacity when business requirements change. You are no longer limited by one offering configuration; instead one or more flexible configurations can be defined that can be used to solve multiple temporary situations. You can choose from multiple configurations and the configurations themselves are flexible so you can activate only what is needed from your defined configuration. Another significant change is the ability to add permanent capacity to the server when you are in a temporary state. These z10 BC enhancements are designed to allow you to take advantage of the technology helping to provide on-demand capacity more effectively. There are new terms governing System z Capacity Back Up (CBU) now available which allow customers to execute production workload on a CBU Upgrade during a CBU Test.

The IBM System z10 Business Class – A total systems approach to deliver leadership in enterprise computing: With a total systems approach designed to deploy innovative technologies, IBM System z introduces the z10 BC, supporting z/Architecture, and offering the highest levels of reliability, availability, scalability, clustering, and virtualization. The z10 BC just-in-time deployment of capacity allows improved flexibility and administration, and the ability to enable changes as they happen. The expanded scalability on the z10 BC facilitates growth and large-scale consolidation. The z10 BC is designed to provide:

  • Uniprocessor performance up to 1.4 times the uniprocessor performance of the z9 BC S07 Z01 (based on LSPR mixed workload average).
  • Up to 1.5 times the total system capacity for general purpose processing, of the z9 BC
  • Up to 12 Processor Units (PUs) including SAPs, as compared to a maximum of 8 on the z9 BC (including SAPs)
  • Up to 1.9 times as much total server available memory as a z9 BC – up to 120 gigabytes of total memory
  • Up to 3.8 times as much total server available memory as a z9 BC by June 30, 2009 – up to 248 gigabytes of total memory
  • Up to 78% more subcapacity choices as compared to z9 BC
  • Increased host base bandwidth using InfiniBand at 6 GBps
  • Hardware support for HiperDispatch
  • Hardware Decimal Floating Point unit for improved numeric processing performance
  • Large page support (1 megabyte pages)
  • Up to 128 FICON channels
  • High Performance FICON for System z (zHPF) provides improvement in performance and RAS on both FICON Express4 and FICON Express2 features
  • Platform and name server registration in FICON channel
  • Extended-distance FICON – helps avoid degradation of performance at extended distances
  • FCP – increased performance for small block sizes
  • SCSI Initial Program Load (IPL) – now a base function
  • Performance improvements with HiperSockets Multiple Write Facility
  • 12x DDR Coupling with InfiniBand for improved distance compared to ICB-4 links and potential cost saving by ISC-3 link consolidation
  • 1x DDR Coupling over InfiniBand links supporting 10 km unrepeated distance
  • STP time accuracy, availability and system management improvements
  • Improved Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 192 and 256 and stronger hash algorithms with Secure Hash Algorithm (SHA) 384 and 512
  • Reduction in the availability impact of preplanning requirements
    • Fixed Hardware System Area (HSA) designed so the maximum configuration capabilities can be exploited
    • Designed to reduce the number of planned Power-on-Resets
    • Designed to allow dynamic add/remove of a new logical partition (LPAR) to new or existing logical channel subsystem (LCSS)
  • Open Systems Adapter-Express3 (OSA-Express3) 10 Gigabit Ethernet with double the port density and improved performance
  • Energy efficiency displays on System Activity Display (SAD) screens
  • Just-in-time deployment of capacity for faster activation without dependency or referral to IBM
  • Store System Information (STSI) change to support billing methodologies
  • Temporary offering Capacity for Planned Event (CPE) available to manage system migrations, data center moves, maintenance activities, and similar situations
  • Improved performance management with Capacity Provisioning
  • Plan ahead memory that allows for non disruptive memory increases
  • Support for the IBM Systems Director Active Energy Manager (AEM) for Linux on System z

z10 BC 4-Core Chip Details

Schematic of a BC processor for the Z10 2098

Each processing unit (PU) chip is a four-core (quad-core) chip. Each of the four PU SCMs contains one PU chip. Three of the four cores (PUs) are active, making 12 PUs available on the z10 BC. Two of the 12 PUs are designated SAPs. The remaining 10 PUs may be characterized for customer use. No designated spares are available.

The L2 cache interface (L2 Intf) is shared by all four cores. The memory controller (MC) function controls access to memory. GX indicates the I/O bus controller that controls the interface to the host channel adapters accessing the I/O. The chip controls traffic between the microprocessors (cores), memory, I/O, and the L2 cache on the SC chips.

Each core on the chip runs at a cycle time of 0.286 nanoseconds (3.5 GHz). Each quad-core PU chip measures 21.97 x 21.17 mm, contains 6 km of wire, features 1188 signal and 8765 I/O connections, and has close to one billion (994 million) transistors.

Each PU has a 192 KB on-chip Level 1 cache (L1) that is split into a 64 KB L1 cache for instructions (I-cache) and a 128 KB L1 cache for data (D-cache). A second level on chip cache, the L1.5 cache, has a size of 3 MB per PU. The two levels on chip cache structure are necessary to optimize performance so that it is tuned to the high-frequency properties of each of the microprocessors (cores).

Inside the IBM z10 BC 2098

Internal snapshot of IBM 2098 model z10 BC

IBM z10 BC 2098 MIPS Chart

SystemPlatformModelEstimated MIPSMSUActive CPUsIBM MMCFirst Available
z10 BC2098A012631$1,163.00 Q4 2008
z10 BC2098B013041$1,177.00 Q4 2008
z10 BC2098C013851$1,219.00 Q4 2008
z10 BC2098D014661$1,271.00 Q4 2008
z10 BC2098A024862$1,316.00 Q4 2008
z10 BC2098E015371$1,341.00 Q4 2008
z10 BC2098B025672$1,352.00 Q4 2008
z10 BC2098F015971$1,362.00 Q4 2008
z10 BC2098A036993$1,455.00 Q4 2008
z10 BC2098G017091$1,462.00 Q4 2008
z10 BC2098C027192$1,477.00 Q4 2008
z10 BC2098H0178101$1,545.00 Q4 2008
z10 BC2098B0380103$1,582.00 Q4 2008
z10 BC2098D0285112$1,678.00 Q4 2008
z10 BC2098A0488114$1,736.00 Q4 2008
z10 BC2098I0188111$1,736.00 Q4 2008
z10 BC2098J0198121$1,871.00 Q4 2008
z10 BC2098E0299122$1,889.00 Q4 2008
z10 BC2098C03101123$1,926.00 Q4 2008
z10 BC2098B04102134$1,945.00 Q4 2008
z10 BC2098A05107135$2,039.00 Q4 2008
z10 BC2098F02110142$2,095.00 Q4 2008
z10 BC2098K01110141$2,095.00 Q4 2008
z10 BC2098D03122153$2,248.00 Q4 2008
z10 BC2098B05123155$2,266.00 Q4 2008
z10 BC2098C04129164$2,370.00 Q4 2008
z10 BC2098G02130162$2,385.00 Q4 2008
z10 BC2098L01130161$2,385.00 Q4 2008
z10 BC2098E03141173$2,530.00 Q4 2008
z10 BC2098H02145182$2,589.00 Q4 2008
z10 BC2098M01150191$2,664.00 Q4 2008
z10 BC2098C05156195$2,742.00 Q4 2008
z10 BC2098D04156194$2,742.00 Q4 2008
z10 BC2098F03156193$2,742.00 Q4 2008
z10 BC2098I02163202$2,858.00 Q4 2008
z10 BC2098N01172211$2,990.00 Q4 2008
z10 BC2098E04180224$3,097.00 Q4 2008
z10 BC2098J02182232$3,121.00 Q4 2008
z10 BC2098G03186233$3,183.00 Q4 2008
z10 BC2098D05189235$3,229.00 Q4 2008
z10 BC2098O01193241$3,289.00 Q4 2008
z10 BC2098F04200254$3,374.00 Q4 2008
z10 BC2098K02204252$3,438.00 Q4 2008
z10 BC2098H03207263$3,485.00 Q4 2008
z10 BC2098P01216271$3,635.00 Q4 2008
z10 BC2098E05218275$3,642.00 Q4 2008
z10 BC2098I03233293$3,802.00 Q4 2008
z10 BC2098G04237294$3,815.00 Q4 2008
z10 BC2098L02241302$3,849.00 Q4 2008
z10 BC2098F05242305$3,855.00 Q4 2008
z10 BC2098Q01242301$3,855.00 Q4 2008
z10 BC2098J03260323$4,044.00 Q4 2008
z10 BC2098H04264334$4,097.00 Q4 2008
z10 BC2098R01270331$4,181.00 Q4 2008
z10 BC2098M02279352$4,317.00 Q4 2008
z10 BC2098G05287365$4,437.00 Q4 2008
z10 BC2098K03292363$4,512.00 Q4 2008
z10 BC2098I04298374$4,594.00 Q4 2008
z10 BC2098S01303381$4,669.00 Q4 2008
z10 BC2098N02319402$4,901.00 Q4 2008
z10 BC2098H05320405$4,913.00 Q4 2008
z10 BC2098J04332414$5,067.00 Q4 2008
z10 BC2098T01340421$5,178.00 Q4 2008
z10 BC2098L03345433$5,247.00 Q4 2008
z10 BC2098O02358442$5,436.00 Q4 2008
z10 BC2098I05361455$5,473.00 Q4 2008
z10 BC2098K04372464$5,632.00 Q4 2008
z10 BC2098U01381471$5,748.00 Q4 2008
z10 BC2098M03398493$6,000.00 Q4 2008
z10 BC2098P02401502$6,038.00 Q4 2008
z10 BC2098J05402505$6,054.00 Q4 2008
z10 BC2098V01429531$6,401.00 Q4 2008
z10 BC2098L04440554$6,555.00 Q4 2008
z10 BC2098Q02449562$6,679.00 Q4 2008
z10 BC2098K05451565$6,698.00 Q4 2008
z10 BC2098N03456573$6,762.00 Q4 2008
z10 BC2098W01480601$7,086.00 Q4 2008
z10 BC2098R02501622$7,268.00 Q4 2008
z10 BC2098M04508634$7,330.00 Q4 2008
z10 BC2098O03511633$7,339.00 Q4 2008
z10 BC2098L05533665$7,514.00 Q4 2008
z10 BC2098X01538671$7,555.00 Q4 2008
z10 BC2098S02563702$7,893.00 Q4 2008
z10 BC2098P03572713$8,004.00 Q4 2008
z10 BC2098N04582724$8,133.00 Q4 2008
z10 BC2098M05615765$8,574.00 Q4 2008
z10 BC2098Y01615761$8,574.00 Q4 2008
z10 BC2098T02631782$8,777.00 Q4 2008
z10 BC2098Q03641803$8,889.00 Q4 2008
z10 BC2098O04653814$9,045.00 Q4 2008
z10 BC2098Z01673831$9,304.00 Q4 2008
z10 BC2098N05705875$9,717.00 Q4 2008
z10 BC2098U02707882$9,739.00 Q4 2008
z10 BC2098R03715893$9,841.00 Q4 2008
z10 BC2098P04731914$10,044.00 Q4 2008
z10 BC2098O05791985$10,827.00 Q4 2008
z10 BC2098V02797992$10,899.00 Q4 2008
z10 BC2098S038031003$10,972.00 Q4 2008
z10 BC2098Q048191024$11,184.00 Q4 2008
z10 BC2098P058851105$11,946.00 Q4 2008
z10 BC2098W028911112$11,997.00 Q4 2008
z10 BC2098T039011123$12,105.00 Q4 2008
z10 BC2098R049131134$12,242.00 Q4 2008
z10 BC2098Q059911235$13,199.00 Q4 2008
z10 BC2098X029991242$13,207.00 Q4 2008
z10 BC2098U0310101253$13,218.00 Q4 2008
z10 BC2098S0410251274$13,380.00 Q4 2008
z10 BC2098R0511061375$14,403.00 Q4 2008
z10 BC2098V0311371413$14,543.00 Q4 2008
z10 BC2098Y0211421422$14,590.00 Q4 2008
z10 BC2098T0411511434$14,693.00 Q4 2008
z10 BC2098S0512411545$15,822.00 Q4 2008
z10 BC2098Z0212501552$15,832.00 Q4 2008
z10 BC2098W0312721583$15,922.00 Q4 2008
z10 BC2098U0412891604$16,096.00 Q4 2008
z10 BC2098T0513931735$17,201.00 Q4 2008
z10 BC2098X0314261773$17,427.00 Q4 2008
z10 BC2098V0414521804$17,616.00 Q4 2008
z10 BC2098U0515611945$18,190.00 Q4 2008
z10 BC2098W0416252024$18,678.00 Q4 2008
z10 BC2098Y0316312023$18,738.00 Q4 2008
z10 BC2098V0517582185$20,178.00 Q4 2008
z10 BC2098Z0317842213$20,446.00 Q4 2008
z10 BC2098X0418222264$20,851.00 Q4 2008
z10 BC2098W0519682455$22,490.00 Q4 2008
z10 BC2098Y0420832584$23,734.00 Q4 2008
z10 BC2098X0522062745$25,062.00 Q4 2008
z10 BC2098Z0422792834$25,815.00 Q4 2008
z10 BC2098Y0525233135$28,566.00 Q4 2008
z10 BC2098Z0527603425$31,218.00 Q4 2008
IBM z10 BC (IBM 2098) Maintenance

In the tech world, engineers possessing the skills capable of the highest expertise are recognized as “top guns.” Top Gun is internationally recognized as a top performer for IBM Z maintenance and support for enterprise-critical hardware within the data center.  Top Gun maintenance support for IBM Z helps you avoid problems before they happen. Our highly skilled IBM Z engineers act as an extension of your IT staff, problems are resolved quickly, improving your system availability, and productivity.

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