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Top Gun provides enterprise-class software support for all your IBM Z systems. As a single point of service, Top Gun’s TPM 2.0 integrates hardware maintenance with operating system support and professional services that align with your IBM Legacy Lifecycle.

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Navigating your way to the best Mainframe software options can be an overwhelming task. Top Gun provides new avenues that drive down your annual OpEx without compromising functionality and compliance.

As your software advisor, Top Gun will provide you the knowledge to make informed decisions on your software licensing and ongoing expenses. Whether you convert, replace, or add software, Top Gun will lead you to the most effective solution.

Software Products

Workflow Manager

Seamlessly achieve productivity of complex networks of business applications across multiple platforms through centrally controlled automation processes. Architecture that makes auxiliary connectors such as SAP, S4/HANA, Peoplesoft, DataStage free of charge, mitigating additional server or license charges.

Asset Performance

Discover and monitor the usage of more than 15,000+ mainframe software products. Automate asset management and enable simplified license verification with key software entitlement reports. Optimize the software licensing cost and identify compliance issues prior to an audit from software vendors.


Modernize your legacy green screen applications to Web, Mobile, Portal (or) RESTful Web services that provide an easy-to-use graphical user interface (GUI) to business end users. Architected as a development studio, no rewriting, refactoring, or access to applica-tion source code is necessary.

Data Tools

Manipulate and restore data stored on z/OS systems interactively and in batch processing with a simple, intuitive user interface and remote systems support. Designed for developers to analyze and fix problems in z/OS, CICS, IMS, DB2, MQ, and UNIX System Services environments.

Management & Analysis

Gain access to a rich set of utilities to manipulate Mainframe z/OS Data that includes – VSAM, QSAM, PDS, PDSE, AIM, OAM, DB2, IMS, WebSphere MQ, CICS and Hierarchical File System under UNIX System Services. Designed for Mainframe data management and analysis that simplifies your Application Developers’ tasks.

Your Mission Critical Software Advisor

Option 1

1:1 Conversion

  • Swap your current IBM Software Subscription & Support
  • Stay on your current IBM Software Product
  • Transition to a term agreement

Option 2

Enhanced Conversion

  • Swap your current IBM Software Subscription & Support
  • Upgrade your current IBM Software Product & enable enhancements
  • Transition to a term agreement

Option 3


  • Replace your current ISV software to an equivalent product
  • Transition from any vendor
  • Term agreements available

Option 4

New Purchase

  • Add innovative products to your IBM Z mainframe platform
  • Full range of products to help you realize rapid results and maximize your success


Powered by ServiceNow, Top Gun Technology provides TPM 2.0™ maintenance services that are uniquely designed to deliver the highest quality of infrastructure support for mission critical operations.

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