Top Gun’s OverWatch represents the latest standard in service delivery for organizations that prioritize Mission Critical Support Services. At Top Gun, our commitment to excellence is unwavering, as we continuously invest in top-tier technical engineers, ITIL-based processes, and advanced digital technologies. This approach ensures the highest quality of service and SLA attainment. Our world-class service infrastructure enables us to expertly manage the most complex and critical systems within enterprise-class data centers, reflecting our steadfast dedication to leading-edge IT support.


OverWatch provides a seamless digital fabric that encompasses all aspects of Top Gun’s Mission Critical Support Services. With problem avoidance at its core, OverWatch injects speed, accuracy, and data insights into Top Gun’s engineering, global logistics, and field delivery teams in order to deliver the highest quality service to our clients.

Service Automation

Top Gun’s digital capabilities include an end-to-end platform that connects clients to services, creating bi-directional services feedback that drives visibility, speed and agility.

Based on ServiceNow®, Top Gun has developed an ITSM platform that allows data to be received from a variety of systems and applications without requiring clients to procure additional management tools that often impede system performance or create security concerns.

By design, Top Gun leverages native hardware alerts and notifications that are securely received, processed and relayed across Top Gun’s digital fabric.


At the foundation of Top Gun’s digital platform is ServiceNow, a leader for IT Service Management (ITSM) for the 9th straight year, according to Gartner®. ServiceNow was specifically chosen by Top Gun to provide mission critical support to clients that require:

  • Resilient IT services on a single, secure cloud platform
  • IT Productivity with faster platform-native AI resolutions
  • Global incident management with “always-on” services
  • Automated workflow enabled by trusted and verified data
  • Bi-directional system connectivity with live service data transport
  • Secure asset repository that captures service history and lifecycle stages

L3-Led Engineering

Automation drives speed and accuracy, there is rarely a substitute for real-world engineering experience. The combination of automation and engineering becomes Top Gun’s greatest differentiator in the marketplace. Top Gun’s delivery model is led by “Best of the Best” L3 System Engineers from the onset of incident on through to resolution.

Clients immediately experience the difference between connecting to a L3 engineer in under 30 minutes, and avoiding the traditional delays caused by escalation trees (L0>L1>L2>L3).  By engaging L3 engineers upfront, Top Gun is able to reduce resolution times by 3X, in comparison to traditional service delivery models.

Product Research & Development Lab

Delivering service quality to the most demanding clients requires a significant investment in a research and development lab that not only supports product innovation, but also becomes a “live” environment for engineers to learn, explore and troubleshoot complex issues. Top Gun continues to lead the industry with its financial and technical investment in servers, storage and networking products that are running in an “always on” environment.

Global Sparing & Logistics

Security and risk management are crucial to all mission critical IT operations. Top Gun intentionally controls sparing and logistics with a dedicated in-house team of experts that understand the nuances of deploying, tracking and returning spare parts in a safe and secure manner.

Top Gun commits to purchasing and testing spare parts as part of every new client onboarding. With 100% transparency, our TrueView Analysis includes a sparing analysis and proximity report so that you can rest assured that your tested spares are stored safely and nearby your site.

Global Field Service Network

Under the OverWatch delivery model, Top Gun’s L3 engineers and field engineering services are available globally. Each and every Top Gun engineer has been properly trained, extensively vetted and operates within our delivery model and systems. Directly connected to our L3 engineering team, our field engineers are available 7x24x365, globally. With a diverse skill set, our field engineers are on hand and ready to provide:

Service Assurance Program

Top Gun assigns a dedicated transition management team that leads every aspect of onboarding to Top Gun’s support and services. With every engagement, Top Gun follows an ITIL-based methodology that ensures a seamless transition process.

  • Step-by-step transition planning
  • Workflow and team alignment
  • Successful setup and testing of system alerts
  • Review of incident management
  • Contract and change management
  • Knowledgebase and documentation
  • Sparing and logistics
  • Physical and virtual site audits
  • Hardware health analysis
  • Procedure review and training
  • Continuous monitoring and quality management

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Top Gun provides Mission Critical Support Services to enterprise companies by leveraging our OverWatch℠ fabric that digitally connects technology, service operations, engineering, and global logistics.