Managed Onsite Service Programs

Top Gun’s Managed Onsite Service Programs offer physical infrastructure services, allowing internal IT teams to focus on strategic projects while Top Gun’s experts handle routine tasks as a natural extension of your organization’s IT.

Managed Onsite Services Overview

As many organizations push to modernize, next-gen initiatives become your IT team’s primary focus and other physical tasks/routines are no longer able to command the attention or focus that’s necessary.

Top Gun provides a portfolio of physical infrastructure services, including Managed Onsite Service Programs, with an emphasis on physical servers, storage and networking hardware – from the data center to your network’s edge. By leveraging highly trained and skilled technical experts to perform a variety of infrastructure support tasks, your internal team can remain focused on more strategic IT projects.

Your Top Gun team delivers in accordance to your internal procedures and becomes a natural extension of your own IT organization.

With optimized access to onsite, dispatched and/or remote technical experts, Top Gun ensures that your routine tasks are performed reliably, within a highly managed delivery program that’s specifically designed to consistently achieve your internal service level agreements.

Service Highlights

  • Tailored, outcome-based programs
  • Economic models that align with your OpEx structure
  • Multi-OEM expertise on mission critical servers, storage and network assets
  • Adherence to your operational runbook
  • Work tracked within ServiceNow® or your ITSM system
  • Service assurance and governance reviews
  • Ongoing process and procedural improvements
  • Dedicated onsite or dispatched technicians
  • Vetted and trusted technicians, available with local language support
  • Multiple levels of expertise perfectly matched to tasks, urgency and workloads

Gain Efficiencies with IT Enablement Services

As a 30+ year provider of hardware and software support, Top Gun’s trusted and highly skilled technical staff provide required delivery of installs, moves, additions and changes, spanning the breadth and geographic distribution of your mission critical infrastructure.

Going beyond a traditional IMAC or Smart Hands service, Top Gun’s onsite services are delivered within a formalized program, so that your operational tasks become manageable with a dedicated service assurance team that achieves your desired outcomes and required timelines.

Focused on Value Creation

  • Accelerate strategic initiatives by offloading routine tasks
  • Pay for only what you need, where and when you need it
  • Gain visibility to data center and network edge activities
  • Fully tailored and managed program delivery
  • Opt-in access to 7×24 backline L3 engineering support
  • Agile program that easily adapts to your operation
  • Natural extension to Top Gun’s infrastructure maintenance and IT enablement services

Optimizing Your Onsite Technical Operations

Your Top Gun team focuses on service outcomes by continually seeking efficiencies within your daily operational runbook. Performing under the OverWatch digital fabric, your physical tasks and events can be scheduled, monitored, and tracked on a 7x24x365 basis.

For assets under Top Gun’s hardware maintenance, your system alerts can trigger actions that prevent disruption. By combining routine maintenance with problem avoidance measures, you’ll operate at peak performance and resiliency.

Data Center & Network Services

  • Data center and network edge services, such as asset installations, moves, adds & changes
  • Onsite networking device testing
  • Firmware or OS patch installations, when proper authority and access is granted
  • Staging, configuration and installation of diverse networking devices

Onsite Assistance

  • Escorting vendors within the facility
  • Site surveys & asset tagging
  • Visual inspections
  • Onsite or remote hands support
  • Optional access to L3 backline engineers
  • Submitting system commands upon client direction

Hardware Management

  • Racking/de-racking of data center assets
  • Onsite repair & replacement operations
  • Backup/recovery support & media loading
  • Cable testing & repair services
  • Power cycle support
  • Prep hardware for decommissions or asset moves
  • Physical management of colocation equipment
  • Identify and report discovered malfunctions

Service Delivery & Escalation

  • Service delivery & escalation management
  • Collaboration with facilities staff to proactively address any open incidents/tickets
  • Operating within a service and escalation management framework for greater visibility and security controls.

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