Top Gun’s TrueView offers an unbiased assessment of each type of device within your mission critical IT environment. With data-driven insights, Top Gun will identify the optimized blending of Top Gun and OEM support that leads to the most reliable and cost-effective maintenance program. Ultimately, TrueView is an effective tool for IT decision makers that rely on asset life cycle data to identify unnecessary support expenditures and to better manage their technology refresh cycles.

Data Analysis

Each device is analyzed for the availability of movement from the OEM to a Top Gun support plan.

Factors assessed are:

  • Dependence on firmware updates which are created by the OEM.
  • Dependence on OEM support of licensed functions.
  • Dependence on niche technical support provided by the OEM.
  • Standardization to a specific firmware.

  • OEM has discontinued firmware updates.
  • OEM has retired the equipment from service life.

TrueView Features

This exclusive analysis provides you with an impartial view of partnering with an independent support approach vs. manufacturer care into your IT ecosystem.

  • Offer an immediate cost savings and reduction in OPEx spending.
  • Identify situations where the OEM may be suggesting premature hardware upgrades.
  • Extend the life of your equipment facing end of service life (EOSL).
  • Provide cost savings related to an unnecessary technology refresh due to an OEM’s EOS.

TrueView Process

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