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End of Service Life announcements from HPE lead to unnecessary disruption, and challenges for IT departments. When HPE no longer offers HPE Foundation Care for its storage, and server hardware, teams turn to Top Gun to receive the flexibility and agility that HPE no longer can offer on HP EOL equipment.

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What is HPE End of Service Life (EOSL)?

HPE End of Service Life (EOSL) means that HPE will no longer offer HPE Foundation Care support for that specific platform. HPE refreshes the marketplace with products every year designed to replace HP EOSL or EOL systems. Typically five years past the OBSO date.

What is HPE EOL (End of Life)?

HPE End of Life (EOL) means that HPE will no longer sell the hardware for that system, market, or update equipment after a certain date. Used generically to describe the whole process from EOL to EOSL. The EOL date is also the beginning of the EOL process and defines the date from which other phases will begin to track from.

Reaching HPE EOSL – Now What?

HPE canceling support for your equipment doesn’t imply it needs to be replaced. We are here to help extend the life of your assets by delivering consistent service quality across your entire enterprise which creates long-term client value. Contact TGT to learn about how we have been delivering Mission Critical Support Services since 2007.

Which EOSL HPE equipment does Top Gun support?

View the EOSL equipment list below, our HPE server maintenance, and storage support page for additional options and information. If you want more information or a free quote to compare, select the request for a quote below.

Planning for EOL for your HPE equipment

The Top Gun TrueView™ risk assessment will help guide you through the planning process to switch from OEM to third-party support. TGT Product Managers are available for additional information, call us at 888-8-TOPGUN or fill out our request form.

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Additional HPE End of Life and Lifecycle Event Definitions

End-of-Life Announcement (EOL-A): Refers to the EOL announcement date and accompanying documents. For example, a customer notice, pertaining to the EOL process from EOL-A through to the End Of Support Life (EOSL) period.

Discontinuance (DISC): Orders after this date will be accepted/fulfilled, based on factory inventory.

Obsolescence (OBSO): Last day to purchase a SKU (hardware or software), acceptance of order subject to factory availability prior to obsolescence (OBSO). At the OBSO date, SKUs are physically removed from the HPE Price Lists and ordering systems.




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Top Gun will provide customized hardware solutions designed to meet your technical and financial requirements allowing you to extend the support cycle and maximize the value of your hardware for products manufactured.