IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) Services2024-02-10T17:38:42-06:00

IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) Services

Top Gun’s ITAD Solutions Portfolio covers secure onsite/offsite wiping or destruction, secure transport, asset recovery and maximized recycling potential.

IT Asset Disposition Service Overview

Modernization of data center environments requires forward-thinking strategies focused on agility, security, resiliency and cost containment.

In the wake of progressive build-outs, decommissioning assets and secure disposition can require less attention when committed to a multi-dimensional IT solutions partner.

Top Gun provides a suite of data center infrastructure services, including IT Asset Disposition, with an emphasis on servers, data storage and networking hardware.

Senior-level project managers are accountable for every phase of secure take-outs, while onsite activities are led by certified Top Gun engineers and technicians, expert at the proper handling of servers, data storage and network hardware.

ITAD Service Highlights

  • Global network of 1,100 Top Gun Certified field engineers and technicians
  • Managed Deployment: Designed to handle all key aspects of deployments with decommissions
  • Asset Recovery: Methodologies ensure retained asset value following data sanitization and any needed refurbishment
  • Secure Erasure: Follows DoD 5220.22-M Wiping Standard
  • Destruction: Any security standards, preferences and methods are possible
  • Recycling: R2-compliant recycling ensures the least possible volume of environmentally-compliant component disposition
  • Optional assistance with any related installs, moves, additions or changes (IMAC)

Maximized Recycling, Re-Purposing & Increasing Value Recovery
As a 30+ year provider of hardware maintenance, extracted parts often possess market value for Top Gun or its global network of supply partners that ultimately sets the highest economic value recovery.

Commitment to Sustainability
Simultaneous focus on re-use and/or re-sale, Top Gun’s multi-phased approach to value discovery promotes corporate environmental sustainability and security initiatives.

Focused on Value Creation

  • Maximized ROI/TCO for your physical assets and disposition investments
  • Security assurance through meticulously vetted R2 and ISO-certified technicians delivering within a highly disciplined and tracked delivery program
  • Simplify vendor and contract management with one vendor, capable of multiple service needs
  • Gain control over security risks associated with any data center transition
  • Reallocate funds and resources to higher-value initiatives
  • Providing an ethical and sustainable service consistent with the circular economy
  • Succeed with a veteran-owned, financially independent company, capable of global delivery

ITAD Service Features & Delivery Focus

Top Gun’s suite of IT Enablement Solutions each commit to an alignment with your objectives, security standards, timeline completion requirements and minimized disruption throughout service engagements.

Asset Recovery

  • Data sanitization
  • Testing
  • Refurbishment & remarketing
  • Reverse logistics
  • Parts management


  • Drive shredding
  • Secure data erasure
  • Tape wiping
  • Tape destruction


  • De-manufacture
  • Commodity recovery
  • R2-compliant recycling
  • Reporting & certification
  • Battery recycling

Enhanced Value with IT Enablement Services and Support

Get the most value from your ITAD service by engaging Top Gun to help you accelerate other IT asset lifecycle projects or transformational business initiatives. Whether a need for day-to-day tasks or turnkey project delivery, Top Gun is a natural extension to your team. As a multi-platform global services provider, Top Gun is your single partner for all of your mission critical technologies.

We’re happy to take questions.

How can I ensure that my chosen ITAD provider is reliable and secure?2023-12-21T18:12:20-06:00

To select a reliable and secure ITAD provider, consider certifications such as R2 and ISO, as well as their global network of certified field engineers and technicians. Research the provider’s track record and client testimonials, and ensure they offer transparent processes and comprehensive services. Compliance with relevant industry standards and regulations is crucial, and the provider should be able to customize their services to meet your organization’s specific needs.

What are the benefits of partnering with To Gun for ITAD services?2023-12-21T18:12:03-06:00

Benefits include maximized ROI/TCO for your assets and ITAD investments, security assurance through certified technicians, simplified vendor management, enhanced risk control, resource reallocation, ethical and sustainable services, and global delivery.

In what ways does Top Gun support environmental sustainability through its ITAD services?2023-12-21T18:10:58-06:00

Our R2-compliant electronic recycling practices minimize the environmental impact of electronic waste, while our multi-phased approach to value discovery prioritizes reuse and resale, supporting your organization’s environmental sustainability and security initiatives.

How does Top Gun ensure data security during the ITAD process?2023-12-21T18:10:36-06:00

Top Gun adheres to the stringent DoD 5220.22-M Wiping Standard for secure data erasure and employs rigorously vetted R2 and ISO-certified technicians to maintain data security throughout the asset disposition process.


How do Top Gun’s ITAD services address asset management and the asset disposition market?2023-12-21T17:56:08-06:00

Our ITAD services are designed to meet the demands of the asset management and asset disposition market by offering comprehensive solutions, which include asset recovery (data sanitization, testing, refurbishment, remarketing, reverse logistics, and parts management), destruction (drive shredding, secure data erasure, tape wiping, and tape destruction), and recycling (de-manufacture, commodity recovery, R2-compliant recycling, reporting & certification, and battery recycling). This approach ensures your organization can effectively manage electronic assets while maximizing value recovery and mitigating risks.

What services does Top Gun offer for ITAD?2023-12-21T18:12:40-06:00

Top Gun provides a comprehensive suite of ITAD services, including secure onsite/offsite data destruction / wiping, asset recovery, secure transport, and maximized recycling potential

What is IT Asset Disposition (ITAD)?2023-12-21T17:55:19-06:00

IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) is the process of securely and responsibly reusing, recycling, or disposing of electronic assets that are no longer needed or in service. This process addresses data security, information privacy, and environmental protection to safeguard an organization’s reputation and prevent costly fines.


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