Stop searching, you have found all the HPE Nimble End of Support Life dates you will need. Instead of replacing your Nimble hardware post-warranty, talk to our team of world-class engineers to help optimize your operational performance while maintaining system availability.

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Planning for End of Life for Nimble equipment

Your HPE Nimble environment is complex. Why not let us help?

Our team of experts will work closely with yours to improve efficiency, reduce OpEx, scale storage, and to minimize your reliance on the OEM.

The TrueView™ Risk Assessment offers an unbiased risk evaluation for each Nimble model in your IT environment. Call us at 888-8-TOPGUN or fill out our request form and one of our platform experts will call you to discuss transitioning from HPE to Top Gun for your end of life Nimble hardware.

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ModelEnd of LifeEnd of Support
HPE Nimble CS21012/31/201412/31/2019
HPE Nimble CS21512/31/201412/31/2019
HPE Nimble CS220 12/31/201412/31/2019
HPE Nimble CS23512/31/201412/31/2019
HPE Nimble CS24012/31/201412/31/2019
HPE Nimble CS26012/31/201412/31/2019
HPE Nimble CS30012/31/201412/31/2019
HPE Nimble CS42012/31/201412/31/2019
HPE Nimble CS44012/31/201412/31/2019
HPE Nimble CS46012/31/201412/31/2019
HPE Nimble CS50012/31/201412/31/2019
HPE Nimble CS70012/31/201412/31/2019
HPE Nimble CS100011/3/201811/2/2023
HPE Nimble CS1000H11/3/201811/2/2023
HPE Nimble CS300011/3/201811/2/2023
HPE Nimble CS500011/3/201811/2/2023
HPE Nimble CS700011/3/201811/2/2023
HPE Nimble AF100011/3/201811/2/2023
HPE Nimble AF300011/3/201811/2/2023
HPE Nimble AF500011/3/201811/2/2023
HPE Nimble AF700011/3/201811/2/2023
HPE Nimble AF900011/3/201811/2/2023
HPE Nimble HF20Not AnnouncedNot Announced
HPE Nimble HF20HNot AnnouncedNot Announced
HPE Nimble HF20CNot AnnouncedNot Announced
HPE Nimble HF40Not AnnouncedNot Announced
HPE Nimble HF40CNot AnnouncedNot Announced
HPE Nimble HF60Not AnnouncedNot Announced
HPE Nimble HF60CNot AnnouncedNot Announced


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