Learn about the latest IT trends and news from the Top Gun engineering team. Top Gun team has an extensive knowledge base of Dell EMC, HPE, IBM, Lenovo, Oracle, and Cisco maintenance solutions cover the complex, legacy servers as well as industry standard (x86).

Welcome Johnny Walker, Chief Solutions Officer

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Top Gun Technology is pleased to announce the appointment of Johnny Walker as Chief Solutions Officer. As a twenty-five year veteran in the IT industry holding roles in executive management, service operations, solution design, architecture, sales, and private equity, directly for third-party maintenance firms and the original equipment manufacturers (OEM), Johnny will be laser-focused on partnering with our clients, partner community and mission-critical engineering teams to ensure the global success and growth of the Top Gun TPM 2.0™ operating model. "Johnny is an innovation-driven technology executive that continuously strives to disrupt existing solution models to create long-term client value. He will work alongside our engineering, product development, operations, sales, channel, and marketing leaders to enhance and scale Top Gun's TPM 2.0™ service offerings to reach all global markets. Johnny will lead our solutions team in generating innovative service offerings that set new industry standards to solve our clients' toughest challenges," said Joel Owens, Chief Executive Officer, Top Gun Technology. "Client's demand mission-critical engineering partnerships and adaptable solution models to deliver increased levels of value to their internal stakeholders. [...]

Welcome Dianne Birtch, Chief Revenue Officer

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Top Gun Technology is pleased to announce the appointment of Dianne Birtch as Chief Revenue Officer. Dianne brings over 20 years of IT sales leadership experience directly for the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) as well as managing highly successful sales teams providing third-party maintenance, hardware, and services. In her role, Dianne oversees the sales, marketing, and partner channel teams, ensuring a cohesive delivery of the Top Gun TPM 2.0™ support model to the global marketplace. "Top Gun continues to pull exceptional industry talent as we expand our strong leadership team to support our client's long-term success. I am honored to announce Dianne Birtch as our new Chief Revenue Officer. Dianne has a proven sales leadership track record, consistently overachieving business growth objectives while building and mentoring highly successful teams," said Joel Owens, Chief Executive Officer, Top Gun Technology. "Top Gun represents what I was looking for as I move into the next chapter of my career, a commitment to delivering trusted solutions supporting our clients' mission-critical environments. With a shared client continuous engagement practice, Top Gun will meet [...]

Welcome Craig Wilson, Vice President of Engineering

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Top Gun Technology, a global leader in third-party maintenance, announced today that Craig Wilson has joined the company as Vice President of Engineering. In his role, Craig will oversee all Global Technical Support Solutions for the company, including the L3 Senior Technical Support teams, Field Engineering teams, and New Product & Remote Tools Development. "As we continue to gain Third-Party market share by delivering repeatable, unmatched service quality to our clients, we also continue to add the industry's top experts to our team," said Joel Owens, CEO of Top Gun Technology. Craig brings more than 35 years of senior technical experience within the Third-Party Maintenance industry to the Top Gun leadership team. Craig specializes in leading teams that develop and deliver Mission Critical Support Services for multi-OEM, multi-platform enterprise systems that are innovative, cost-effective, built with integrity, and designed for longevity. Craig will be focusing on delivering global solutions that support next-generation technology capabilities to create long-term client value. "As a market leader, Top Gun Technology has demonstrated its ability to expand globally without sacrificing its focus on [...]

Top Gun Technology COVID-19 Update

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On behalf of our entire team at Top Gun Technology (TGT), I am writing to share with you our plan of operation during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our priorities are clear – client/employee health and safety, and business continuity. We are listening to the recommendations from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the World Health Organization (WHO) and our State Government as we strive to help protect our customers and our team members. TGT Advanced and Field Engineering teams continue to operate 24/7.  At this moment, we have not seen any impact in meeting our Service Level Agreements (SLA) and delivering Mission Critical Support ServicesTM to our clients. We will continue to coordinate closely with our partners, suppliers and freight companies to ensure we support our client’s requirements. TGT has implemented the following policies to mitigate the spread of COVID-19: Team members are working from home wherever and whenever possible until further notice. International travel has been suspended and domestic travel is only approved to support our business continuity plan. During these unprecedented times, we will keep you [...]

The Future of TPM 2.0

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Wondering how to extend the support of your IT Infrastructure? Third-Party Maintenance (TPM) companies provide business leaders with an alternative option. The questions organizations are left dealing with include, which path is the right path, and which TPM can they truly trust to replace the OEM after the warranty expires? In my 30 years of experience in this industry, I have witnessed dramatic changes over the past decade. The most significant change is that almost every hardware, leasing and niche IT company wants to now identify themselves as a TPM provider with a single threaded value proposition to save 40% - 80%. In my opinion, leading with cost savings demeans TPM providers that invest heavily into delivering consistent service quality across multi-OEM, multi-platform environments. Efficiencies and value are brought to the market by performing maintenance services to these standards, which requires a world class technical infrastructure, engineering talent, systems and processes. Present and future clients of TPM services need to ask impactful questions that will help decipher which providers are true technical engineering companies capable of delivering Mission Critical Support Services across their entire IT [...]

Back to Basics: How Mainframes Work & Their Future

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Mainframes carry a stigma of being old technology, but they’re actually more relevant than ever. Today, mainframes are responsible for anything from checking in airline passengers to approving your purchase at the grocery store. Mainframes provide the e-commerce and mobile world a reliable, available, and scalable way to perform their most basic business functions. Before we dive in, let’s define some important terms: Central Processor (CPU): The main brain in charge of processing data and moving it to the correct input/output processor. System Assistance Processor (SAP): Smaller processors that help move data around as quickly as possible to the processor with the correct input/output programing. Architecture: The programing engineered into a processor that details its main function (moving data, storing data, performing client statistics, processing bulk information, computing data, etc). Input/Outputs (I/Os): Smaller CPUs built with specific architecture to take in an input and rapidly compute an output. These are stored in the I/O Cage of the mainframe. 1. How Mainframes Work Mainframes have been running in the background for decades supporting conveniences such as ATMs, accurate bank statements, online and [...]