IBM z13 supports the new FICON Express16S channel for improved I/O rates and bandwidth.

Top Gun has these features available for 2964 z13 and 2965 z13s Mainframes.

0418 FICON Express16S LX 2 port
0419 FICON Express16S SX 2 port

We have other features available for z13s including:

0890 Crypto5S
0413 OSA-Express 5S Gigiabit Ethernet LX
0414 OSA-Express 5S Gigiabit Ethernet SX
0415 OSA-Express 5S 10 Gigiabit Ethernet LR
0416 OSA-Express 5S 10 Gigiabit Ethernet SR
0417 OSA-Express 5S 1000BASE-T

If you need a new processor we have z13, EC12, BC12, z196 and z114 mainframes.

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