All 136 Oracle (EOSL / EOL) End of Service Life Dates

Sun Oracle End of service life announcements can create needless anxiety and disruptive challenges for IT managers. When the OEM decides it will no longer support its storage, server, or network hardware, teams are left to identify what they can do to deal with the potentially unnecessary technology refresh without breaking the budget.

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What is Sun Oracle End of Service Life (EOSL)?

Sun Oracle End of Service Life (EOSL) means that Sun Oracle will no longer offer support or maintenance for that platform. However, since Oracle offers lifetime hardware support, there rarely is an official end of support date announced. Generally, after five years from last ship date, replacement parts may not be available and/or the SLA responses are not guaranteed through Oracle Premier Support.

Is Oracle Premier Support available after the End of Life date?

When offered, Oracle Premier Support for Systems, Oracle Communications EAGLE Premier Support, Oracle Premier Support for Oracle Retail and Hospitality Hardware, Oracle Advanced Parts Exchange for Oracle Retail and Hospitality, and Oracle Communications Network Premier Support will be available for a minimum of five years from the last ship date of the hardware system.

What is Sun Oracle End of Life (EOL)?

Sun Oracle End of Life (EOL) means that the Sun Oracle will no longer sell the hardware for that system, market, or update equipment after a certain date. Sun Oracle continues to offer post-warranty support, but Third-Party Maintenance (TPM) is available for most Sun Oracle equipment that is EOL.

Your Sun Oracle equipment is at EOSL – Now What?

If Sun Oracle doesn’t offer support for your equipment, that doesn’t imply it needs to be replaced. Contact TGT to learn about how we have been delivering Mission Critical Support Services since 2007. We are here to help extend the life of your assets by delivering consistent service quality across your entire enterprise helping creat long-term client value.

Which Sun Oracle equipment does Top Gun support?

View the supported Sun Oracle equipment list below and our Sun Oracle maintenance page for additional options and information. If you want more information or a free quote to compare, select the request for a quote below.

Planning for EOL for your Sun Oracle equipment

Our TrueView™ Risk Assessment will help guide you through the planning process. To speak with a TGT Product Manager for help, and to choose the best replacement platform, call us at 888-8-TOPGUN or fill out our request form and one of our Platform Experts will call you.



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