All 126 NetApp (EOSL) End of Life Dates Database

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What is NetApp End of Support (EOS)?

NetApp End of Support (EOS) refers to the date when NetApp discontinues offering SupportEdge Premium or Standard maintenance for their hardware. This means that NetApp will no longer provide technical support, software updates, or security patches for the designated hardware systems. Before the EOS date, NetApp typically offers new replacement hardware to the marketplace.

What is NetApp End of Life (EOL)?

NetApp EOL (End of Life) or NetApp End of Availability (EOA) dates are the calendar day that NetApp plans to pull marketing, updates, and no longer sell hardware. NetApp continues to offer SupportEdge Premium or Standard support, but Third Party Maintenance (TPM) is available for NetApp EOL equipment.

NetApp equipment is at or reaching EOSL – Now What?

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Which NetApp equipment does Top Gun support?

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Planning for EOSL for your NetApp equipment

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Do you have the NetApp ONTAP EOS Dates?

In addition to the below NetApp Hardware EOSL & EOL Dates, ONTAP Software End of Support dates are available on our NetApp ONTAP Version Matrix. These dates mark the end of full availability for a particular feature version of a ONTAP system software and the beginning of limited availabilities.

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