NetApp Third Party Maintenance

As you seek to leverage cutting-edge technological innovation, essential NetApp storage maintenance services are required. Our exceptional, world-class NetApp Level 3 technical team dedicates itself to maintaining your infrastructure and facilitating your digital transformation journey.

Maintenance NetApp

Engineering-Centric NetApp Support

As companies grow and evolve, their IT infrastructure must adapt to meet changing business needs. Top Gun recognizes that each organization faces unique challenges when scaling their NetApp storage environment. Our team takes the time to listen and understand your specific requirements. We then work collaboratively to develop a tailored support strategy optimized for your NetApp systems. With deep expertise across the entire NetApp portfolio, Top Gun helps ensure your infrastructure aligns with and enables your organization’s success as it expands.

Efficiently evolve your NetApp environment to meet the rising expectations and maintenance demands of your growing business, regardless of your data center’s location. Our best practices and proven approach enable enterprises worldwide to effectively manage hybrid cloud and on-site infrastructures. By entrusting Top Gun with this task, your IT staff can concentrate on advancing your organization’s strategic initiatives.

Leveraging our deep technical expertise, our Mission Critical Support Services empower your business to focus on outcomes that enhance staff capabilities, improve service initiatives, and deliver game-changing economics to reduce total cost of ownership. By implementing flexible, innovative technologies and customized solutions, we strive to simplify maintainability, increase efficiency, and minimize downtime, allowing you to reclaim control over your environment.

With a team of highly skilled Level 3 engineers, Top Gun alleviates the burden of managing your NetApp devices and ensures that your business needs are met around the clock. As your contract with NetApp approaches its end, engage with Top Gun experts before renewal to explore the comprehensive NetApp maintenance service experience we offer. From NetApp hardware and NetApp storage hardware to NetApp ONTAP and NetApp Professional Services, we provide the support your organization requires for service life, spare parts, and volumes, ensuring optimal performance of your data center.

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Focused on Value Creation

• Reduce OpEx and CapEx by extending the life of your storage investments
• Gain control and achieve service consistency across a global footprint
• Keep pace by deploying an agile delivery model that adapts to your constantly changing demands
• Simplify contract and vendor management
• Reallocate funds and resources to higher-value initiatives
• Partner with a financially independent and veteran-owned company that upholds client service commitments
• Connect to a digitally enabled service framework that increases speed, promotes accuracy, and compresses resolution time

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Better NetApp FAS Support

Top Gun Technology connects with our storage clients to create a solution focused on their NetApp FAS maintenance goals. Our FAS support provides comprehensive break/fix NetApp support, and software problem determination that puts your FAS storage on autosupport.

Step up to simple, smart, and trusted NetApp FAS maintenance storage support. Top Gun Technology’s maintenance solutions provide comprehensive break/fix support.

Top Gun NetApp maintenance services help improve performance and efficiency in your hybrid cloud and on-site environments. Top Gun NetApp Engineers manage your infrastructure using our proven approach and best practices – enabling your IT staff to focus on the initiatives required to advance your organization.

Learn more about our in-house NetApp L3 technical team, options, and how Top Gun service initiatives lead to game‑changing data center economics by setting-up a meeting with our team.

NetApp FAS Models Supported

FAS 2000 Series

  • FAS2020
  • FAS2040
  • FAS2050
  • FAS2220
  • FAS2240

FAS 3000 Series

  • FAS3020
  • FAS3040
  • FAS3050
  • FAS3070
  • FAS3140
  • FAS3160

FAS 3200 Series

  • FAS3210
  • FAS3220
  • FAS3240
  • FAS3250
  • FAS3270

FAS 6000 Series

  • FAS6030
  • FAS6040
  • FAS6070
  • FAS6080

FAS 6200 Series

  • FAS6210c
  • FAS6220
  • FAS6240c
  • FAS6250
  • FAS6280

FAS 8000 Series

  • FAS8020
  • FAS8020c
  • FAS8040
  • FAS8040c
  • FAS8060
  • FAS8060c

High Performance E-Series Support

Differentiate your organization from the competition, and accelerate time to market. Healthcare, security, media, and high-performance computing markets such as oil and gas, manufacturing, and government chose Top Gun to help capture competitive advantages and boost efficiency for critical E-Series workflows in the data center.

Top Gun E-Series support establishes a foundation for highly available, performance-optimized support in mission-critical vertical markets.

In today’s market, you need a partner to deliver exceptional support performance with nonstop availability. Streamline your IT infrastructure and drive down OpEx with the flexibility of tailored support solutions for companies of all sizes.

Gain access to our in-house NetApp L3 Engineers and 24/7 services today by starting a dialogue with us on how your enterprise can reap the benefits and opportunities of a fully integrated support environment.

NetApp E-Series Models Supported

E2800 Series

  • E2812
  • E2824
  • E2860

E2700 Series

  • E2712
  • E2724
  • E2760


At Top Gun Technology, we are a complete V-Series solution partner. We provide NetApp V-Series support for the entire environment. From initial deployment to software problem identification to performance and availability – we do it all.

Greater data availability and storage virtualization optimization for your V-Series hardware.

Agility born of storage virtualization technology is what sets NetApp V-Series apart from its competition, and it requires an equally agile and distinct service to maintain it. That’s why Top Gun Technology delivers a L3 technical team to support your infrastructure as you pursue digital transformation.

Reduced IT density results from partnering with the right provider to manage your platform, whether all your data resides on NetApp hardware or if you have come to rely on V-Series to unify diverse storage environments. Not everyone understands how open storage controllers can simultaneously manage both SAN and NAS storage through one device in a vendor-agnostic way. Nor can everyone help your business realize the cost savings to be had by deploying Data ONTAP deduplication and other efficiency features.

NetApp V-Series Support

V3000 Series

  • V3020
  • V3040
  • V3070

V3100 Series

  • V3140
  • V3160
  • V3170

V3200 Series

  • V3220
  • V3240
  • V3250
  • V3270

V6000 Series

  • V6030
  • V6040
  • V6070
  • V6080




The backbone of our ticketing, incident and asset management field service capabilities.

L3 Engineers


Top Gun L3 NetApp Storage technical support engineers are the best in the industry.

Service Network

Service Network

Our engineer-staffed service network is located throughout the World, providing 24/7 support.


Top Gun focuses on business outcomes that leverage our deep technical expertise to help clients achieve more benefits—including enabling employees, improving service levels, and delivering game‑changing economics.

24 x 7 x 2

  • 24/7 Help Desk

  • 24/7 Monitoring

  • 2HR Onsite Tech Response

  • Top Gun Field Engineers

  • Top Gun L3 Tech Support

  • Service Delivery Manager

  • ServiceNow Portal

  • TrueView™ Integration

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24 x 7 x 4

  • 24/7 Help Desk

  • 24/7 Monitoring

  • 4HR Onsite Tech Response

  • Top Gun Field Engineers

  • Top Gun L3 Tech Support

  • Service Delivery Manager

  • ServiceNow Portal

  • TrueView™ Integration

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24 x 7 x NBD

  • 24/7 Help Desk

  • 24/7 Monitoring

  • NBD Onsite Tech Response

  • Top Gun Field Engineers

  • Top Gun L3 Tech Support

  • Service Delivery Manager

  • ServiceNow Portal

  • TrueView™ Integration

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  • Custom Help Desk

  • Custom Monitoring

  • Custom Tech Response

  • Top Gun Field Engineers

  • Top Gun L3 Tech Support

  • Service Delivery Manager

  • ServiceNow Portal

  • TrueView™ Integration

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The TGT Mission Critical Platform will implement service efficiencies which drive down expense year over year within your environment, yielding significant economic gain while retaining continuity and consistency across your facilities.

As a standard part of our hardware support, we include remedial software support. Our software support model is best described as Software Break/Fix. The support requires the client has a licensed product and it is functional. Excluded from support are administrative activities like setup or configuration of the software product for the client.

“OEM support spending can be reduced by leveraging a blend of OEM and TPM maintenance together in a hybrid solution,” says Tenneson. “TPM contracts will offer customers an average of 60% savings off OEM support list prices.” Gartner August 2017

Third-Party Maintenance (TPM) helps extend the life of your assets instead of replacing your hardware post warranty. When the OEM no longer supports its storage, server, or network hardware, TPM companies help clients avoid unnecessary technology refreshes to yield significant economic gain while retaining continuity and consistency across facilities.

When a disk is in the maintenance center, it is subjected to a number of tests. If the disk passes all of the tests, it is redesignated as a spare. Otherwise, Data ONTAP fails the disk. For the entire answer, please click here.

At Top Gun, our Mission Critical Support Platform delivers three key business benefits: (1) Improved performance (2) Increased value (3) a better personal and digital experience. Driving down costs and improving performance is not mutually exclusive. Our services drive system availability. Especially in big data environments, where storage and computing availability serve as the backbone of the business.


Powered by ServiceNow, Top Gun Technology provides TPM 2.0™ maintenance services that are uniquely designed to deliver the highest quality of infrastructure support for mission critical operations.

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