A Partner-Driven Strategy in the United Kingdom

Top Gun has been a trusted enterprise maintenance services provider in the United States since 2007, specializing in support for high-end systems and storage arrays from major vendors. Renowned for its support of high-end systems and storage arrays from major vendors (HP, IBM, Dell/EMC, NetApp, Hitachi, and Cisco), Top Gun has rapidly established itself as the premier maintenance provider in the region. This article discusses the reasons why Top Gun stands out as the optimal choice for Value Added Resellers (VARs) and Managed Service Providers (MSPs) seeking a top-tier maintenance services partner for their UK clients.

Global Expansion Strategy

Top Gun, originally entering the UK market in 2020 amidst the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, has experienced exceptional year-over-year growth, exceeding 100% in the UK market. The leadership team, fortified by the inclusion of industry experts such as Ian Adams, Managing Director of Global Engineering & Services (joining in 2022) has set its sights on making Top Gun the go-to provider across the United Kingdom and European datacentre server and storage industry.

Global Multi-Vendor Maintenance and Support Capabilities

Distinguishing itself as one of the few Global Multi-Vendor Maintainers, Top Gun showcases its prowess in supporting high-end mainframes, storage arrays, and proprietary UNIX and midrange servers. This specialized expertise positions Top Gun as the go-to partner for VARs/MSPs catering to enterprise customers with complex and diverse infrastructure needs.

Evolving UK Maintenance Provider Landscape

Maintenance service providers in the UK has undergone significant changes in recent years, with many VARs grappling with challenges posed by the merger and acquisitions of their once trusted niche providers. While larger VARs adjust to niche players becoming diluted generalists and going after their customers directly, smaller resellers face the dilemma of their trusted maintenance providers expanding into additional managed services, potentially conflicting with their own solution portfolios and sales teams.

Top Gun, Trusted by UK Partners

At a time where many business relationships have turned uncertain due to competitive behaviours, Top Gun remains unwavering in its loyalty to its value-added business partners. In addition to Top Gun’s Core Values, there are clear differences in focus and technical capabilities that make Top Gun the ideal choice for UK VARs and MSPs:

  • Specialization in Mission Critical Maintenance Services
    Top Gun’s exclusive focus on maintenance services sets it apart from providers venturing into product supply, cloud, or managed services. This unwavering commitment eliminates the risk of competition with VARs’ sales teams, ensuring a clear and non-conflicting partnership.
  • Partner-First Strategy
    Prioritizing a partner-centric go-to-market strategy in the UK, Top Gun distinguishes itself from other maintenance providers with direct end-user salespeople targeting partners’ customer accounts. Top Gun positions itself as a supportive service provider for VARs, enhancing the value they deliver to their clients and protecting their brand reputation.
  • Integrity and Trust
    Synonymous with top-quality maintenance services, integrity, and trust, Top Gun offers VARs a reliable partner committed to delivering excellence and upholding the integrity of their client relationships.

In the field of maintenance services, Top Gun stands out as a reliable partner for UK Value Added Resellers and Managed Service Providers. Through dedication to specialization, a focus on partnerships, and a reputation for quality, Top Gun demonstrates its reliability and trustworthiness as an ally for service partners managing enterprise-class maintenance services.

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