Insights: OverWatch℠ – Value Creation via Risk Mitigation

At Top Gun, we believe that value creation is born from a well-defined partnership between business partners and clients. This partnership is essential within an economic environment where you’re being asked to reduce cost, drive optimization and, at times, at the cost of quality. However, accepting more risk to achieve optimization is beyond consideration for mission critical business operations.

Our entire value creation ideology is based on Top Gun’s OverWatch℠, which evaluates all aspects of delivering a mission critical solution, leveraging objective data and not requiring your organization to make upfront or increased operational investments to realize cost optimization.

Ultimately, Top Gun’s OverWatch is risk mitigation for our clients when faced with strong influences from analysts, advisors and consultants, coupled with current economic pressures. Top Gun’s OverWatch empowers our team to autonomously create value across the entire value chain and manage the end-to-end delivery of mission critical services by leveraging artificial intelligence, coupled with experiential data from a variety of data sources:

  1. Global logistics data (availability, interoperability, security notifications, early life failures, etc.)
  2. ServiceNow®: Incident data (time-on-task, service level objectives, service level agreements, etc.)
  3. OEM provided EoL/EOSL dates
  4. Demand on specific products, service levels and locations
  5. Top Gun’s Research & Development facilities
  6. Data integration from our Field Support Services affiliates
  7. Experiential data from our Parts & Systems suppliers
  8. Daily, weekly, monthly, etc., reporting from our Logistics affiliates
  9. Defined and automated processes (once manual, now automating internally and inbound/outbound between Top Gun and our clients).

As autonomous value creators, Top Gun can effectively execute corporate-wide mission critical business processes and technical procedures that allow us the flexibility to respond instantaneously to our client’s most critical business situations and mission critical infrastructure incidents. Top Gun defines mission critical incidents as unanticipated or unpredictable incidents that are a threat to the operation, safety or reputation of your organization that necessitates a rapid and decisive remediation plan. Even within the most reliably architected and monitored infrastructures – it’s essential to acknowledge that it is not the 90% of incidents, but the 10% of all incidents that can destroy an organization.

The formal operating definition of Top Gun’s OverWatch is an operating framework that through processes, systems and our people, provides protection and insulation to each business unit within the organization. Where each business unit supports the other business units, while the latter is executing their operational responsibilities. At the heart of OverWatch is a client risk mitigation operating model that leverages the highest levels of intelligence that surrounds our clients’ platforms, systems and implementation models. Including, but not limited to, which systems are running the most critical applications that support the most critical business processes.

Intelligence at Top Gun focuses on L3 engineering, but also incorporates intelligence based on data and trends retrieved over time, from:

  • Sales (win rates, loss rates, trends)
  • Product management
  • Supply chain
  • Transition management
  • Incident management
  • Logistics (movement of parts systems)
  • Finance (trending).

Having access to real-time data and analytics, which provide insight (intelligence) to each business unit. The distribution of data from a common warehouse empowers the speed and accuracy of our decision-making (pricing, failure rates, technical action plans, spares, placement of spares).

The data receives power from a few hundred years of experience captured in our systems/platforms (incident management, financials, sales, product management and other systems) to allow an advanced level of AI, which assists with the various scenarios and potential outcomes of a decision. OverWatch, while not fully automated by design, ensures systematic controls over all Top Gun processes, accelerates cross-functional communications, and supplies data enrichment to workflows. I stress that L3-engineering, trusted expertise and intelligence is not to be circumvented by automation alone. Contrary to many competitive companies that claim their maintenance processes are fully automated (alert to repair), these suggested delivery models are not feasible nor scalable for mission critical operations.

Top Gun is focused on the outcomes of the mission critical environment and minimizing and/or removing disruption to the most critical aspect of our clients’/prospects’ business:  Their revenue and cost-generation environments.