June 2023 EOSL Dates for Your Enterprise Servers, Storage & Network Assets

Managing enterprise hardware assets is a particular endeavor for IT professionals. Data center equipment’s end-of-service life (EOSL) significantly influences budgetary strategies, especially during support renewals and inflationary cycles. An agile alert system for EOSL dates equips IT asset managers with valuable insights to drive decision-making processes, unearth cost-efficiency avenues, and enhance operational productivity.

Savvy handling of EOSL dates paves the way for optimal IT support expenditure management. It empowers businesses to synchronize their hardware refresh cycles with their bespoke needs, transcending the rigidity imposed by OEM EOSL dates.

At Top Gun, our approach is relentlessly forward-looking, as we stay attuned to EOSL announcements to guarantee that our engineering support services are ready to support companies during their transition from OEM support towards a more resilient independent support model. Integrating EOSL data into IT asset lifecycle planning gives teams the foresight necessary to pivot to third party maintenance options, thus circumventing undesired cost escalations.

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Dell EMC

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Hitachi Vantara

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