Top Gun Technology provides Dell EMC Storage Maintenance services to IT infrastructures all over the World. Our company is built on a foundation of a world-class L3 technical team with Tier II Research and Development Facilities (RDF) and proven processes to deliver mission-critical support services across Dell EMC storage environments.

Dell EMC


Top Gun is globally recognized as a top performer for Dell EMC maintenance and support for business critical Dell EMC storage within the data center.

We don’t just fix failing equipment; we raise the bar to “Top Gun” status as our company’s foundation is built upon the world’s best engineering talent, advanced service tools and analytics.

Collectively, we deliver innovative solutions that ensure the highest quality service, delivered consistently across your enterprise.

Dell Compellent

  • HB-1235
  • SC030, SC040
  • SC200, SC220, SC280
  • SC40, SC400, SC4020, SC420
  • SC8000, SC9000

Dell Data Domain

  • Data Domain Gen 3
  • Data Domain Gen 2
  • Data Domain Gen 1

Dell EqualLogic

  • PS100E, PS200E, PS300E, PS400E
  • PS4000E, PS4000X, PS4100E, PS4100X
  • PS5000E, PS5000X, PS5000XV
  • PS6000E, PS6000X, PS6000XV
  • PS6500E, PS6500XV, PS6510E

Dell PowerVault Storage Array

  • MD1000, MD1200, MD1220
  • MD3000, MD3000I
  • MD3200, MD3200I, MD3220, MD3220I
  • MD3600F, MD3600I, MD3620F, MD3620I
  • MD3800F, MD3820F, MD3820I
  • NX200, NX300, NX3000, NX3100

Dell PowerVault Libraries

  • PowerVault TL1000
  • PowerVault TL2000
  • PowerVault TL4000


  • VNX5100, VNX5300, VNX5500, VNX5700, VNX7500
  • VNX5200, VNX5400, VNX5600, VNX5800, VNX7600, VNX8000
  • VNXe3100, VNXe3150, VNXe3300, VNXe1600, VNXe3200


  • NS350, NS500, NS600, NS700
  • NX4, NS20, NS40, NS80, NS-120, NS-480, NS-960
  • NS500G, NS600G, NS700G, NS40G, NS80G
  • NSX, NSG2, NSG8
  • VG2, VG8


  • CX3-10, CX3-20, CX3-40, CX3-80
  • CX4-120, CX4-240, CX4-480, CX4-960
  • CX200, CX300, CX400, CX500, CX600, CX700
  • FC4500, FC4700, FC5700
  • AX-100, AX-150, AX4-5


  • 300, 300F
  • 400, 400F
  • 500, 500F
  • 600, 600F


  • 3100, 3130, 3200, 3230, 3500, 3300, 3400, 3430, 3700,3630, 3830, 3930,
  • 5100, 5200, 5500, 5300, 5330, 5430, 5700, 5630, 5830, 5900, 5930,
  • 8130, 8430, 8730, 8230, 8530, 8830
  • z8530, z8830
  • DMX 800, DMX 1000, DMX 2000, DMX 3000, DMX-3, DMX-4,


  • VMAX-Gen1
  • VMAX100K, VMAX200K, VMAX400K


  • XtremIO Gen 1


  • DS-300B, DS-300B-8G
  • DS-16B, DS-8B2, DS-16B2, DS-32B2-0D, DS-4100B, DS-4900B
  • DS-220B-FF-0, DS-5000B, DS-5100B, DS-5100B-8G, DS-5300B
  • DS-5300B-8G, DS-6505B, DS-6510B, DS-6520B, MP-7800B
  • MP-7840B, ED-12000-B, ED-24000B, ED-48000B, ED-DCX-B, ED-DCX-4S-B
  • ED-DCX8510-8B, ED-DCX8510-4B, ES-4300, DS-4400M, DS-24M2
  • DS-4700M, DS-16M, DS-16M2, DS-32M2, ED-64M, ED-140M, ED-10000M


  • NL400, NL410, HD400
  • X200, X210, X400, X410
  • S200, S210
  • IQ series
  • A100
  • Infiniband

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Dell EMC Storage Maintenance


Top Gun engineers are dedicated to providing specialized solutions customized for your exact needs within today’s fast-changing technology landscape. Our approach to the marketplace is unmatched; we refer to it internally as our Mission Critical Platform, or TPM 2.0™.

We begin by examining your EMC storage system hardware, operating-environment, hosts, workloads, configuration, performance, and capacity to get a broad and complete picture of the services and solutions you need. This allows us to better understand how we can help you improve, boosting your performance.

Dell EMC VMAX Storage

Top Gun experts are qualified to work on EMC hardware and are highly trained to provide a broad range of specialized services, from selecting the proper equipment for your business demands to advising on downtime prevention.

The TGT Mission Critical Platform immediately begins reviewing incident/ticket data through our ServiceNow IT Service Management (ITSM) platform for evaluation of migrating infrastructure to a maintenance model that continues to drive economic value while not impeding engineering excellence. Our desire is to build and extend value across your infrastructure.

Support for Dell EMC includes legacy Clariion, Celerra, Centera, VNX to XtremIO, Unity, Isilon, and the Symmetrix family including the PowerMax platform. We are knowledgeable and familiar with other manufacturer’s systems allowing you to have only one point of contact for any storage maintenance service or equipment needs. As a result, this creates a much simpler and easier partnership to manage, without the pressure and stress involved in working with and managing multiple vendors. Whether it’s onsite technical services or remote, our team is on hand to assist no matter the circumstances. We ensure that your business utilizes the most efficient storage systems, letting you focus on your core objectives and customers, leaving the IT and storage operations to us.




The backbone of our ticketing, incident and asset management field service capabilities.

L3 Engineers


Top Gun L3 Dell EMC Storage technical support engineers are the best in the industry.

Service Network

Service Network

Our engineer-staffed service network is located throughout the World, providing 24/7 support.


Top Gun focuses on business outcomes that leverage our deep technical expertise to help clients achieve more benefits—including enabling employees, improving service levels, and delivering game‑changing economics.

24 x 7 x 2

  • 24/7 Help Desk

  • 24/7 Monitoring

  • 2HR Onsite Tech Response

  • Top Gun Field Engineers

  • Top Gun L3 Tech Support

  • Service Delivery Manager

  • ServiceNow Portal

  • TrueView™ Integration

24 x 7 x 4

  • 24/7 Help Desk

  • 24/7 Monitoring

  • 4HR Onsite Tech Response

  • Top Gun Field Engineers

  • Top Gun L3 Tech Support

  • Service Delivery Manager

  • ServiceNow Portal

  • TrueView™ Integration

24 x 7 x NBD

  • 24/7 Help Desk

  • 24/7 Monitoring

  • NBD Onsite Tech Response

  • Top Gun Field Engineers

  • Top Gun L3 Tech Support

  • Service Delivery Manager

  • ServiceNow Portal

  • TrueView™ Integration


  • Custom Help Desk

  • Custom Monitoring

  • Custom Tech Response

  • Top Gun Field Engineers

  • Top Gun L3 Tech Support

  • Service Delivery Manager

  • ServiceNow Portal

  • TrueView™ Integration

Why clients prefer and keep choosing Top Gun Technology for their EMC Storage Maintenance.

At Top Gun, we engage with our clients to construct a solution focused on their corporate goals and technology objectives. We specialize in Mission Critical Services by delivering three business outcomes (1) Improved performance (2) Increased value (3) A better personal and digital experience

How Top Gun Technology’s values align with your overall company mission

TGT’s philosophy centers on transparency, and we believe as business and IT leaders you deserve to understand the “how” behind achieving mission critical stability. We built our company from the ground up upon the values of commitment, integrity, expertise, and being resolute. These values allow us to prioritize your needs and to keep them at the forefront of our vision. We operate with and value transparency and take pride in offering a service with the same quality of work and respect that we would want for ourselves.

Our commitment to performance for Dell EMC Storage Maintenance

Top Gun believes in working toward your goals, rather than just working for you. We take the time to learn who you are — your background, values, and mission — so that we can provide specialized services and solutions to your problems that go beyond the basic installation and fixes related to Dell EMC storage.

Technological systems, like EMC storage, can be complex and confusing. Our mission critical governance structure is solely responsible for providing a superior client experience for your internal stakeholders. Through our rigorous optimization process, TGT is able to “light up” these services to provide fast and effective support for Dell EMC storage systems.

As part of TGT’s Mission Critical Platform, we implement a governance structure with the discipline to transition subsequent platforms (other servers, storage, network, and mainframe) swiftly.  We are committed to solving your problems and reducing your downtime, allowing you to simply work.

As you consider Third-Party Maintenance, we invite you to engage with TGT, call our references, tour our facilities and meet our L3 Technical teams. Seeing is believing. Witness the value and stability of the TGT Mission Critical Platform, TPM 2.0™.


The TGT Mission Critical Platform will implement service efficiencies which drive down expense year over year within your environment, yielding significant economic gain while retaining continuity and consistency across your facilities.

As a standard part of our hardware maintenance support, we include remedial software support. Our software support model is best described as Software Break/Fix. The support requires the client has a licensed product and it is functional. Excluded from support are administrative activities like setup or configuration of the software product for the client.

“OEM support spending can be reduced by leveraging a blend of OEM and TPM maintenance together in a hybrid solution,” says Tenneson. “TPM contracts will offer customers an average of 60% savings off OEM support list prices.” Gartner August 2017

Third-Party Maintenance (TPM) helps extend the life of your assets instead of replacing your hardware post warranty. When the OEM no longer supports its storage, server, or network hardware, TPM companies help clients avoid unnecessary technology refreshes to yield significant economic gain while retaining continuity and consistency across facilities.

At Top Gun, our Mission Critical Support Platform delivers three key business benefits: (1) Improved performance (2) Increased value (3) a better personal and digital experience. Driving down costs and improving performance is not mutually exclusive. Our services drive system availability. Especially in big data environments, where storage and computing availability serve as the backbone of the business.


Powered by ServiceNow, Top Gun Technology provides TPM 2.0™ maintenance services that are uniquely designed to deliver the highest quality of infrastructure support for mission critical operations.

Mission Critical - The Top Gun Difference

Let’s Talk Mission Critical Support

As a Top Gun client, you’ll notice a superior level of commitment and personalized support – day or night – from the most experienced technical engineering team in the industry. Proven. Trusted. Reliable