Solving 10 Common Challenges of Leveraging Contracted, On-Demand Data Center Technicians

The “Great Resignation” and evolving workforce demands have left IT managers grappling with acquiring and retaining skilled technical labor.

Increasingly, they turn to subcontracted “On-Demand” Technicians for routine data center tasks. While hybrid cloud infrastructures can reduce demand for on-premises support, legacy systems, private clouds, and IoT growth require hands-on IT hardware-centric technicians.

On-demand technicians, sourced from workforce platforms, can perform tasks like cabling, racking, de-racking, repairs, replacements, and IT asset deployments. These consumption-based services seem budget-friendly, but unanticipated challenges and risks can disrupt business and mission critical data center operations.

Common Challenges:

  1. Absence of L3 backline engineering for complex issue support.
  2. Inadequate security, compliance, and background checks.
  3. Inconsistent technical skill levels and quality.
  4. Single-task work orders hinder long-term task completion.
  5. Communication breakdowns between technicians and internal staff.
  6. Coordinating part delivery with technician availability.
  7. Deficient service, project, and incident management.
  8. Inconsistent pricing complicates budgeting.
  9. SLA achievement struggles due to on-demand workforce availability.
  10. Managing multiple hand-offs and knowledge transfers for project completion.

To address these issues, consider partnering with an agile service delivery provider that can evaluate your activity, workstreams, schedules, and volumes. By blending on-demand and dedicated resources into a well-managed service delivery program, you can reap the benefits of an integrated solution. Ensure your provider has a skilled service delivery management team that functions as an extension of your internal operations.

In addition to incorporating a service delivery manager into your fractional workforce, choose a provider with round-the-clock backup support for technicians. When unforeseen technical challenges emerge, access to global, multi-technology L3 engineers will enhance your data center capabilities.

Keep the challenges of employing on-demand data center technicians from holding your business back. Take control of your data center operations today by partnering with an agile service delivery provider who understands your unique needs. Our experienced data center services architects are ready to help you design and implement a customized, future-ready solution that combines service automation, artificial intelligence, and human expertise.

Contact us now for a free consultation, and let us support your business with the most efficient and reliable data center support available.

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