HPE StoreVirtual End of Life

When your HPE StoreVirtual hardware is set to reach the end of life, it’s time to start planning for the next stage of its life cycle. Talk to us about getting a second lease on IT life without the worry of downtime just as you’re in the middle of a business-critical process.

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Planning for End of Life for HPE StoreVirtual

Let us help you take advantage of your HPE StoreVirtual Storage environment. Our team of experts will work with you to improve efficiency, reduce OpEx, scale storage, and/or minimize your reliance on the OEM.

Our TrueView™ Risk Assessment offers an unbiased risk evaluation for each 3PAR model in your IT environment. Call us at 888-8-TOPGUN or fill out our request form and one of our platform experts will call you to discuss transitioning from HPE to Top Gun for your end of life 3PAR hardware.

HPE StoreVirtual EOSL Models

ModelEnd of LifeEnd of Support
HPE StoreVirtual 32006/30/2023
HPE StoreVirtual 242-HC1/31/2021
HPE StoreVirtual 400010/31/2022
HPE StoreVirtual 413010/31/2022
HPE StoreVirtual 433010/31/2022
HPE StoreVirtual 4330FC10/31/2022
HPE StoreVirtual 433510/31/2022
HPE StoreVirtual 453010/31/2022
HPE StoreVirtual 463010/31/2022
HPE StoreVirtual 473010/31/2022
HPE StoreVirtual 4730FC10/31/2022


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Let’s Talk End of Life Solutions

Top Gun will provide customized hardware solutions designed to meet your technical and financial requirements allowing you to extend the support cycle and maximize the value of your hardware for products manufactured.