IBM z114 (IBM 2818) SPECS

Take on all of your IT challenges with a mainframe server that’s built with your business needs in mind. When it comes to company concerns, data security is usually right at the top of the food chain. Purchasing a refurbished IBM z114 makes sense for any company that wants to protect against data breaches, as the system utilizes advanced encryption technologies. Use your mainframe hardware like never before with power that expands your capabilities.


At the core of the IBM zEnterprise System for both midsize and small enterprises is the IBM zEnterprise 114 (z114) – a true “system of systems” bringing the unique value of hybrid computing to a much broader set of businesses. The z114 is part of a workload-optimized multiarchitecture computer system capable of integrating and centrally managing multitier applications running across z/OS, z/VM, z/VSE, z/TPF, Linux on System z, AIX, and Linux on IBM System x operating environments. This integration extends the gold standards of the mainframe’s superior manageability, governance, and service quality to workloads connected to IBM System z using the IBM zEnterprise BladeCenter Extension (zBX) Model 002 and managed by the IBM zEnterprise Unified Resource Manager.

The z114 continues the heritage in mainframe qualities of service with increased flexibility and performance in a lower-cost package. As an entry-level enterprise server with extreme granularity and extensive growth options, the z114 is designed to deliver significant improvements in packaging, performance, and total system scalability over prior generations. The z114 offers unprecedented scalability for small and medium businesses, providing more than a 15% improvement in performance as compared to its predecessor, the IBM System z10 Business Class.

The IBM zEnterprise 114 is designed to deliver:

  • Innovative hybrid computing for new workloads and application deployment
  • Server improvements
  • Price/performance improvements across the stack
  • Improved hardware and software performance
  • Support for future data center modernization, design, and efficiencies

Upgrade Path

z9 BC and z10™ BC servers can be upgraded to a z114. An upgrade includes all frames, drawers, support/

A z114 Model M05 can be upgraded a model M10, and the model M10 can be upgraded to a z196 Model M15. All of these upgrades are disruptive (that is, the machine is unavailable during these upgrades). Any z9® BC or z10 BC model can be upgraded to any z114 model.

The z114 supports concurrent conversion between various PU types, providing flexibility to meet changing business environments. CPs, IFLs, zAAPs, zIIPs, ICFs, or optional SAPs can be converted to CPs, IFLs, zAAPs, zIIPs, ICFs, or optional SAPs.

Upgrade path of the Z114

Technical Overview

With the IBM zEnterprise System, IBM took smarter computing and optimized systems to a new level. For the first time it was possible to deploy an integrated hardware platform that brings mainframe and distributed technologies together, a system that can start to replace individual islands of computing and that can work to reduce complexity, improve security, and bring applications closer to the data they need. zEnterprise represents the next generation of smarter computing – hybrid computing where hundreds of workloads can run across multiple hardware platforms, all as part of a single integrated system.

IBM is introducing the IBM zEnterprise 114 (z114), the newest member of the zEnteprise family, bringing the unique value of hybrid computing to a much broader set of businesses. The z114 offers a smaller mainframe footprint and lower entry cost than the zEnterprise 196 (z196) and continues to deliver world-class secure data serving and transaction processing capabilities as well as the ability to help collapse and simplify infrastructures and efficiently host private enterprise clouds. The z114 delivers the scalability, flexibility, and performance you need at a lower capacity and attractive entry price point for your business.

Its hybrid capabilities are designed to address the complexity and inefficiency in today’s multiarchitecture data centers. As a true “system of systems,” the z114 extends the strengths and capabilities of the mainframe such as virtualization, security, fault tolerance, efficiency, and dynamic resource allocation to integrate and manage multi-tier applications running across z/OS, Linux on System z, VSE, z/VM, AIX, and Linux on System x operating environments, fundamentally changing the way data centers can be managed.

With a total systems approach designed to deploy innovative technologies, IBM System z introduces the z114, supporting zEnterprise, and offering the highest levels of reliability, availability, scalability, clustering, and virtualization. The z114 just-in-time deployment of capacity allows improved flexibility and administration, and the ability to enable changes as they happen. The expanded scalability on the z114 facilitates growth and large-scale consolidation.

The IBM zEnterprise 114 is designed to provide:

  • Server improvements
    • One to two drawers (system boards)
    • Seven PUs per drawer
    • Up to 30 logical partitions
    • Up to 248 GB per partition
  • Memory
    • Up to 248 GB memory (Model M10)
    • 8 GB system minimum
    • Increments of 8 or 32 GB
    • 8 GB HSA, separately managed
    • RAIM standard
  • I/O
    • Zero to two I/O drawers with concurrent add/repair capability
    • Zero to two PCIe I/O drawers with concurrent add/repair capability
  • Coupling
    • HCA3-O 12x optical 2 port
    • HCA3-O LR 1x optical 4 port
    • Up to 48 ISC-3 links
    • Up to 16 12x PSIFB ports (Model M10)
    • Up to 32 1x PSIFB ports (Model M10)
  • zBX support
    • zManager
    • BladeCenter H (1-8 chassis) Ethernet attachment
    • Support for IBM Smart Analytics Optimizer, DataPower IX50z, System p blades, and System x blades

z114 14-Core Chip Details

The z114 PU chip is an evolution of the System z10 core design, using 12S technology, out-of-order instruction processing, higher clock frequency, and larger caches. Compute-intensive workloads can achieve additional performance improvements through higher clock frequency, larger caches, and compiler enhancements to allow applications the benefit of the new execution units. Each PU chip has up to four cores running at 3.8 GHz. The PU chips come in two versions, having three active cores or all four active cores.

Schematic of IBM z114 processor

The z114 server implements a four-level cache structure. Each core has its own 192 KB cache Level 1 (L1), which is split into 128 KB for data (D-cache) and 64 KB for instructions (I-cache). The L1 cache is designed as a store-through cache, meaning that altered data is also stored to the next level of memory. The next level is the private cache Level 2 (L2) that is located on each core, having 1.5 MB and also designed as a store-through cache. The cache Level 3 (L3) is also located on the PU chip and shared by the four cores, having 24 MB and designed as a store-in cache.

Cache levels L2 and L3 are implemented on the PU chip to reduce the latency between the processor and the large cache Level 4 (L4), which is located on the SC chip. Each SC chip has 96 MB, which is shared by both PUs on the processor drawer. The L4 cache uses a store-in design.

Inside the IBM Z114 2818

Inside look at the IBM Z114 2818

IBM z114 2818 MIPS Chart

SystemPlatformModelEstimated MIPSMSUActive CPUsIBM MMCFirst Available
z1142818A012631$1,1353Q 11
z1142818B012941$1,1493Q 11
z1142818C013851$1,1883Q 11
z1142818D014661$1,2403Q 11
z1142818A014761$1,2623Q 11
z1142818E015171$1,3013Q 11
z1142818B025372$1,3083Q 11
z1142818F015971$1,3293Q 11
z1142818A036793$1,4053Q 11
z1142818C026992$1,4203Q 11
z1142818G017091$1,4253Q 11
z1142818B0375103$1,4813Q 11
z1142818H0180101$1,5433Q 11
z1142818D0284112$1,6183Q 11
z1142818A0486114$1,6553Q 11
z1142818I0188111$1,6933Q 11
z1142818E0293122$1,7603Q 11
z1142818B0496124$1,8003Q 11
z1142818J0198121$1,8253Q 11
z1142818C0398123$1,8253Q 11
z1142818A05104135$1,9333Q 11
z1142818F02107132$1,9893Q 11
z1142818K01110141$2,0433Q 11
z1142818B05116154$2,1193Q 11
z1142818D03119153$2,1573Q 11
z1142818C04126164$2,2603Q 11
z1142818G02127162$2,2773Q 11
z1142818L01130161$2,3263Q 11
z1142818E03132163$2,3523Q 11
z1142818H02145182$2,5243Q 11
z1142818M01150191$2,5973Q 11
z1142818F03153193$2,6363Q 11
z1142818D04153194$2,6363Q 11
z1142818C05153195$2,6363Q 11
z1142818I02160202$2,7393Q 11
z1142818E04170214$2,8883Q 11
z1142818N01172211$2,9153Q 11
z1142818J02178222$2,9943Q 11
z1142818G03181233$3,0313Q 11
z1142818D05185235$3,0893Q 11
z1142818O01193241$3,2073Q 11
z1142818F04196254$3,2433Q 11
z1142818K02200252$3,2903Q 11
z1142818E05205265$3,3673Q 11
z1142818H03207263$3,3993Q 11
z1142818P01216271$3,5443Q 11
z1142818I03228293$3,6573Q 11
z1142818G04233294$3,7073Q 11
z1142818L02236302$3,7173Q 11
z1142818F05237305$3,7193Q 11
z1142818Q01247311$3,8113Q 11
z1142818J03254323$3,8823Q 11
z1142818H04266334$4,0223Q 11
z1142818R01272341$4,1063Q 11
z1142818M02273342$4,1213Q 11
z1142818G05281355$4,2393Q 11
z1142818K03285363$4,2983Q 11
z1142818I04293374$4,4133Q 11
z1142818S01303381$4,5523Q 11
z1142818N02313402$4,6933Q 11
z1142818H05321405$4,8023Q 11
z1142818J04326414$4,8653Q 11
z1142818L03337423$5,0083Q 11
z1142818T01340421$5,0483Q 11
z1142818O02351442$5,2013Q 11
z1142818I05353445$5,2293Q 11
z1142818K04366464$5,4073Q 11
z1142818U01389491$5,7193Q 11
z1142818M03389493$5,7193Q 11
z1142818P02393492$5,7773Q 11
z1142818J05394495$5,7913Q 11
z1142818V01429531$6,2403Q 11
z1142818L04432544$6,2813Q 11
z1142818K05442555$6,4173Q 11
z1142818N03446563$6,4713Q 11
z1142818Q02449562$6,5113Q 11
z1142818W01480601$6,9083Q 11
z1142818R02494622$7,0283Q 11
z1142818M04499624$7,0703Q 11
z1142818O03500623$7,0783Q 11
z1142818L05522655$7,2423Q 11
z1142818S02551692$7,5373Q 11
z1142818P03560703$7,6553Q 11
z1142818N04572714$7,8063Q 11
z1142818X01584731$7,9553Q 11
z1142818M05602755$8,1903Q 11
z1142818T02618772$8,3963Q 11
z1142818Q03640803$8,6533Q 11
z1142818O04642804$8,6773Q 11
z1142818Y01690861$9,2843Q 11
z1142818N05691865$9,2973Q 11
z1142818R03705883$9,4753Q 11
z1142818U02707882$9,4953Q 11
z1142818P04718904$9,6313Q 11
z1142818O05775975$10,3513Q 11
z1142818V02780982$10,4153Q 11
z1142818Z01782981$10,4403Q 11
z1142818S03785983$10,4783Q 11
z1142818Q048211024$10,9243Q 11
z1142818P058681085$11,4553Q 11
z1142818W028731092$11,5123Q 11
z1142818T038811103$11,6013Q 11
z1142818R049041134$11,8323Q 11
z1142818Q059921235$12,8703Q 11
z1142818S0410071254$12,8833Q 11
z1142818U0310081253$12,8873Q 11
z1142818X0210621322$13,4983Q 11
z1142818R0510921365$13,8673Q 11
z1142818V0311121383$14,0653Q 11
z1142818T0411301404$14,1443Q 11
z1142818S0512171515$15,1353Q 11
z1142818W0312441553$15,4313Q 11
z1142818Y0212541562$15,4503Q 11
z1142818U0412931614$15,7333Q 11
z1142818T0513661705$16,4873Q 11
z1142818Z0214211772$16,9553Q 11
z1142818V0414261774$16,9893Q 11
z1142818X0315141883$17,5053Q 11
z1142818U0515621945$17,7433Q 11
z1142818W0415951984$17,9943Q 11
z1142818V0517232145$19,2833Q 11
z1142818Y0317882213$19,9813Q 11
z1142818W0519282395$21,4943Q 11
z1142818X0419412404$21,6373Q 11
z1142818Z0320262513$22,5473Q 11
z1142818Y0422932834$25,3083Q 11
z1142818X0523462905$25,8923Q 11
z1142818Z0425983214$28,6653Q 11
z1142818Y0527713435$30,5423Q 11
z1142818Z0531393885$34,5623Q 11
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