IBM eC12 (IBM 2827) SPECS

A refurbished IBM EC12 could be the hardware your business needs to process massive amounts of data in a short amount of time. Whether you’re powering a cloud network, taking advantage of machine learning analytical capabilities or simply adding efficiency to your IT operations, a used IBM 2827 is a solid choice. Because your company’s reputation depends on it, this machine is built with powerful security features that protect your data.

PlatformModelsPUMemoryChannels*ISC-3IC12X Infiniband12X Infiniband Max
2827H20 (1 Book)2032GB-704GB320/176/176/96/9648323264
2827H43 (2 Books)4332GB-1392GB320/176/176/96/9648323264
2827H66 (3 Books)6632GB-2272GB320/176/176/96/9648323264
2827H89, HA1 (4 Books)89/10132GB-3040GB320/176/176/96/9648323264


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