IBM z10 EC (IBM 2097) Specifications

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The IBM 2097 System z10 EC(TM) is a marriage of evolution and revolution, building on the inherent strengths of the System z(TM) platform, delivering new technologies and virtualization that are designed to offer improvements in price / performance for key workloads as well as enabling a new range of solutions. The z10 EC(TM) further extends the leadership of System z in key capabilities with the delivery of expanded scalability for growth and large-scale consolidation, availability to help reduce risk and improve flexibility to respond to changing business requirements, and improved security. The z10 EC is at the core of the enhanced System z platform that is designed to deliver technologies that business needs today along with a foundation to drive future business growth.

With a modular book design, the z10 EC E64 is designed to provide up to 1.7 times the total system capacity of the z9 EC Model S54 and up to three times the available memory of the z9 EC. Significant steps have been taken in the area of server availability in the z10 EC design. Preplanning requirements are minimized by delivering a fixed, reserved Hardware System Area (HSA) and new capabilities intended to allow you to seamlessly create logical partitions (LPARs), include logical subsystems, change logical processor definitions in an LPAR, and add cryptographic capabilities for an LPAR without a power-on reset.

The System z10 EC delivers:

  • Improved total system capacity in a 64-way server, offering increased levels of performance and scalability to help enable new business growth.
  • z10 Quad-core 4.4 GHz processor chips that can help improve the execution of CPU-intensive workloads.
  • Up to 1.5 terabytes of available real memory per server for growing application needs (with up to 1 TB real memory per LPAR).
  • Increased scalability with 36 available subcapacity settings.
  • Just-in-time deployment of capacity resources which can improve flexibility when making temporary or permanent changes. Activation can be further simplified and automated using z/OS Capacity Provisioning (available on z/OS V1.9 with PTF and on z/OS V1.10, when available).
  • Temporary capacity offering Capacity for Planned Event (CPE), a variation of Capacity Back Up (CBU) CPE can be used when capacity is unallocated, but available, and is needed for a short term event.
  • A 16 GB fixed Hardware System Area (HSA) which is managed separately from customer memory. This fixed HSA is designed to improve availability by avoiding outages.
  • Memory and books that are interconnected with a point-to-point symmetric multi processor (SMP) network running with an InfiniBand(R) host bus bandwidth at 6 GBps designed to deliver improved performance.
  • The InfiniBand Coupling Links with a link data rate of 6 GBps, designed to provide a high speed solution and increased distance (150 meters) compared to ICB-4 (10 meters).
  • The OSA-Express3 10 GbE LR with double the port density, increased throughput, and reduced latency.
  • HiperSockets improvements with Multiple Write Facility for increased performance and Layer 2 support to host IP and non-IP workloads.
  • Encryption accelerator provided on quad-core chip, which is designed to provide high-speed cryptography for protecting data in storage. CP Assist for Cryptographic Function (CPACF) offers more protection and security options with Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 192 and 256 and stronger hash algorithm with Secure Hash Algorithm (SHA-512 and SHA-384).
  • HiperDispatch for improved efficiencies between hardware and the z/OS operating system (z/OS 1.7 and above).
  • Hardware Decimal Floating Point unit on each core on the Processor Unit (PU), which can aid in decimal floating point calculations and is designed to deliver performance improvements and precision in execution.
  • Large page support (1 megabyte pages).
  • Up to 336 FICON Express4 channels.
  • Fiber Quick Connect (FQC), a fiber harness integrated in the System z10 EC frame for a ‘quick’ connect to ESCON and FICON LX channels.
  • Support for IBM Systems Director Active Energy Manager (AEM) for Linux on System z for a single view of actual energy usage across multiple heterogeneous IBM platforms within the infrastructure. AEM V3.1 is a key component of IBM’s Cool Blue(TM) portfolio within Project Big Green.
  • The IBM System z9 Enterprise Class (z9 EC) and System z9 Business Class (z9 BC) servers are the last servers to support participation in the same Parallel Sysplex with IBM eServer zSeries 900 (z90), IBM eServer zSeries 800 (z800), and older System/390 Parallel Enterprise Server systems.

Upgrade Path

Any z10 EC can be upgraded to a z10 EC hardware model. Upgrade of models E12, E26, E40, and E56 to E64 is disruptive. When you upgrade to a Model E64, the first book is retained. Any z990 or z9 EC model may be upgraded to any z10 EC model. A z10 Business Class (z10 BC) may be upgraded to a z10 EC model E12.

Diagram of the potential upgrade path to a Z10 EC by IBM

Technical Overview

The IBM 2097 System z10 EC(TM) is a world class enterprise server designed to meet your business needs. The System z10 EC is built on the inherent strengths of the IBM System z(TM) platform and is designed to deliver technologies and virtualization that provide improvements in price/performance for key new workloads. The System z10 EC further extends System z leadership in key capabilities with the delivery of expanded scalability for growth and large-scale consolidation, improved security and availability to reduce risk, and just-in-time capacity deployment, helping to respond to changing business requirements.

The IBM System z10 Enterprise Class – A total systems approach to deliver leadership in enterprise computing

With a total systems approach designed to deploy innovative technologies, IBM System z introduces the z10 EC, supporting z/Architecture(R), and offering the highest levels of reliability, availability, scalability, clustering, and virtualization. The z10 EC just-in-time deployment of capacity allows improved flexibility, administration, and the ability to enable changes as they happen. The expanded scalability on the z10 EC facilitates growth and large-scale consolidation. The z10 EC is designed to provide:

  • Uniprocessor performance improvement up to 62% (based on LSPR mixed workload average).
  • Non-uniprocessor performance improvement up to 50% (based on LSPR mixed workload average) for configurations with the same number of processors.
  • Up to 1.7 times the total system capacity of the z9 EC
  • Up to 64 Processor Units (PUs) compared to a maximum of 54 on the z9 EC
  • Up to 3 times as much total server available memory – up to 1.5 terabytes of total memory
  • Up to 50% more subcapacity choices as compared to z9 EC
  • Increased host base bandwidth using InfiniBand (R) at 6 GBps
  • Coupling with InfiniBand for improved distance and potential cost saving
  • Performance improvements with HiperSockets Multiple Write Facility
  • Improved Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 192 and 256 and stronger hash algorithms with Secure Hash Algorithm (SHA) 384 and 512
  • HiperDispatch for improved efficiencies between hardware and the z/OS (R) operating system (z/OS 1.7 and above)
  • Hardware Decimal Floating Point unit for improved numeric processing performance
  • Reduction in the availability impact of preplanning requirements
    • Fixed Hardware System Area (HSA) designed so the maximum configuration capabilities can be exploited
    • Designed to reduce the number of planned Power-on-Resets
    • Designed to allow dynamic add/remove of a new logical partition (LPAR) to new or existing logical channel subsystem (LCSS)
  • Open Systems Adapter-Express3 (OSA-Express3) 10 Gigabit Ethernet with double the port density and improved performance
  • Up to 336 FICON channels
  • Large page support (1 megabyte pages)
  • Energy efficiency displays on System Activity Display (SAD) screens
  • Just-in-time deployment of capacity for faster activation without dependency or referral to IBM
  • Store System Information (STSI) change to support billing methodologies
  • Temporary offering Capacity for Planned Event (CPE) available to manage system migrations, data center moves, maintenance activities, and similar situations
  • Support for the IBM Systems Director Active Energy Manager (AEM) for Linux on System z

z10 EC 4-Core Chip Details

Engineer schematic of the Z10 EC 4 Core Processor

Each PU chip is a four-core (quad-core) chip. There are five PU chips on each MCM. The five PU chips come in two versions. For models E12, E26, E40, and

E56, the processor units on the MCM in each book are implemented with a mix of three active cores and four active cores per chip (3 x 3 cores active, plus 2 x 4 cores active) resulting in 17 active cores per MCM. All MCMs in all models that we have discussed have 17 active cores. This means that Model E12 has 17, Model E26 has 34, Model E40 has 51, and Model E56 has 68 active PUs.

For the Model E64, the PUs on the MCM in the first book are implemented with 17 active cores (3 x 3 cores active, plus 2 x 4 cores active), plus three MCMs with 20 active cores (5 x 4 cores active). This means that there are 77 active PUs.

Each core on the chip runs at a cycle time of 0.227 nanoseconds (4.4 GHz). Each quad-core PU chip measures 21.97 x 21.17 mm, contains 6 km of wire, features 1188 signal and 8765 I/O connections, and has close to one billion (994 million) transistors.

Inside the IBM z10 EC 2097

Breakdown of insize the Z10 by IBM model EC

IBM z10 EC 2097 MIPS Chart

SystemPlatformModelEstimated MIPSMSUActive CPUsIBM MMCFirst Available
z10 EC2097401218271$6,333.00 Q1 2008
z10 EC2097402417522$6,492.00 Q1 2008
z10 EC2097501471591$6,658.00 Q1 2008
z10 EC2097403609763$8,276.00 Q1 2008
z10 EC2097601638801$8,757.00 Q1 2008
z10 EC2097404794984$10,585.00 Q1 2008
z10 EC20975028991132$12,056.00 Q1 2008
z10 EC2097700920N/A1$6,333.00 Q1 2008
z10 EC20977019201151$12,396.00 Q1 2008
z10 EC20974059741205$12,833.00 Q1 2008
z10 EC209740611501426$14,569.00 Q1 2008
z10 EC209760212161522$15,537.00 Q1 2008
z10 EC209750313071623$16,555.00 Q1 2008
z10 EC209740713221637$16,543.00 Q1 2008
z10 EC209740814901848$18,552.00 Q1 2008
z10 EC209740916532049$20,509.00 Q1 2008
z10 EC209750416962104$21,234.00 Q1 2008
z10 EC209770217412192$21,840.00 Q1 2008
z10 EC209760317632193$21,937.00 Q1 2008
z10 EC2097410181222410$22,146.00 Q1 2008
z10 EC2097411196824311$23,953.00 Q1 2008
z10 EC209750520752565$25,496.00 Q1 2008
z10 EC2097412212026212$25,589.00 Q1 2008
z10 EC209760422812824$27,892.00 Q1 2008
z10 EC209750624433026$29,673.00 Q1 2008
z10 EC209770325203143$30,631.00 Q1 2008
z10 EC209760527833445$33,639.00 Q1 2008
z10 EC209750728023467$33,649.00 Q1 2008
z10 EC209750831503898$37,640.00 Q1 2008
z10 EC209770432574034$39,022.00 Q1 2008
z10 EC209760632714046$38,983.00 Q1 2008
z10 EC209750934894319$41,198.00 Q1 2008
z10 EC209760737454627$44,292.00 Q1 2008
z10 EC2097510381947110$44,730.00 Q1 2008
z10 EC209770539674905$46,598.00 Q1 2008
z10 EC2097511414051111$48,177.00 Q1 2008
z10 EC209760842055198$49,159.00 Q1 2008
z10 EC2097512445254912$51,587.00 Q1 2008
z10 EC209770646505736$52,287.00 Q1 2008
z10 EC209760946525739$52,271.00 Q1 2008
z10 EC2097610508562710$55,641.00 Q1 2008
z10 EC209770753076537$56,561.00 Q1 2008
z10 EC2097611550667811$58,173.00 Q1 2008
z10 EC2097612591572912$60,281.00 Q1 2008
z10 EC209770859397318$60,683.00 Q1 2008
z10 EC209770965488069$64,307.00 Q1 2008
z10 EC2097710713387810$68,120.00 Q1 2008
z10 EC2097711769694711$69,663.00 Q1 2008
z10 EC20977128237101312$71,293.00 Q1 2008
z10 EC20977138758107913$72,313.00 Q1 2008
z10 EC20977149275114214$73,493.00 Q1 2008
z10 EC20977159788120515$74,825.00 Q1 2008
z10 EC209771610297126816$76,647.00 Q1 2008
z10 EC209771710803133217$78,213.00 Q1 2008
z10 EC209771811304139418$78,374.00 Q1 2008
z10 EC209771911802145519$78,461.00 Q1 2008
z10 EC209772012296151620$80,618.00 Q1 2008
z10 EC209772112787157521$81,923.00 Q1 2008
z10 EC209772213274163522$83,204.00 Q1 2008
z10 EC209772313758169423$84,321.00 Q1 2008
z10 EC209772414238175224$86,095.00 Q1 2008
z10 EC209772514715180926$86,919.00 Q1 2008
z10 EC209772615189187026$87,764.00 Q1 2008
z10 EC209772715659192727$87,935.00 Q1 2008
z10 EC209772816126198428$89,417.00 Q1 2008
z10 EC209772916590204229$89,875.00 Q1 2008
z10 EC209773017050209730$90,396.00 Q1 2008
z10 EC209773117507215131$91,794.00 Q1 2008
z10 EC209773217961220732$93,743.00 Q1 2008
z10 EC209773318412226633$95,651.00 Q1 2008
z10 EC209773418859231834$96,885.00 Q1 2008
z10 EC209773519304237535$98,273.00 Q1 2008
z10 EC209773619745243136$99,381.00 Q1 2008
z10 EC209773720183248737$101,118.00 Q1 2008
z10 EC209773820618253938$102,814.00 Q1 2008
z10 EC209773921050259439$103,769.00 Q1 2008
z10 EC209774021479264540$105,387.00 Q1 2008
z10 EC209774121903269641$105,478.00 Q1 2008
z10 EC209774222322274942$106,487.00 Q1 2008
z10 EC209774322736279943$108,224.00 Q1 2008
z10 EC209774423146284844$109,932.00 Q1 2008
z10 EC209774523551289645$111,349.00 Q1 2008
z10 EC209774623951294446$112,728.00 Q1 2008
z10 EC209774724347299147$114,074.00 Q1 2008
z10 EC209774824738303848$115,389.00 Q1 2008
z10 EC209774925125308549$116,671.00 Q1 2008
z10 EC209775025507313050$117,921.00 Q1 2008
z10 EC209775125885317651$119,139.00 Q1 2008
z10 EC209775226259322452$120,326.00 Q1 2008
z10 EC209775326628327253$121,481.00 Q1 2008
z10 EC209775426993331654$122,601.00 Q1 2008
z10 EC209775527354336355$123,694.00 Q1 2008
z10 EC209775627711340656$124,757.00 Q1 2008
z10 EC209775728062344957$125,780.00 Q1 2008
z10 EC209775828407348758$126,773.00 Q1 2008
z10 EC209775928746353359$127,727.00 Q1 2008
z10 EC209776029080357060$128,647.00 Q1 2008
z10 EC209776129408360761$129,533.00 Q1 2008
z10 EC209776229731364462$130,386.00 Q1 2008
z10 EC209776330049368063$131,205.00 Q1 2008
z10 EC209776430361371664$131,991.00 Q1 2008
IBM z10 EC (IBM 2097) Maintenance

In the IBM world, engineers possessing the skills capable of the highest expertise are recognized as “top guns.” Top Gun is internationally recognized as a top performer for IBM Z maintenance and support for enterprise-critical hardware within the data center.  Top Gun maintenance support for IBM Z helps you avoid problems before they happen. Our highly skilled IBM Z engineers act as an extension of your IT staff, problems are resolved quickly, improving your system availability, and productivity.

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Let’s talk mission critical support.

As a Top Gun client, you’ll notice a superior level of commitment and personalized support – day or night – from the most experienced technical engineering team in the industry.

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