Built around POWER6-based processors, our selection of used IBM DS8700 disk storage products will help your business store massive amounts of data quickly. In transaction processing workload environments, every millisecond matters. Our refurbished IBM DS8700 storage has the bandwidth to handle demanding workloads. What’s more, this model features disk encryption key management — important when your business needs to address PCI-DSS requirements. Start using a storage solution that doesn’t just store your company’s data, but also helps you get the most out of it.

IBM DS8700 Model Summary

Model NumberProcessorPhysical CapacityDisk DrivesProcessor MemoryHost Adapters9xE AttachPower Consumption
9412 way256TB128128GB1606.7 KW
9414 way256TB128384GB161 to 47.3 KW
94EN/A512TB256N/A16Attach to 9415.7 to 7.1 KW

IBM DS8700 Drive Summary

Drive SizeDrive TypeEncryption SpeedNon-encryption DriveRAID Levels
73GBFC15K RPMNo5, 6, 10
146GBFC15K RPMYes5, 6, 10
300GBFC15K RPMYes5, 6, 10
450GBFC15K RPMYes5, 6, 10
600GBFC15K RPMNo5, 6, 10
1TBSATA7.2K RPMNo6, 10
2TBSATA7.2K RPMNo6, 10

IBM DS8700 Weights and Dimensions

ModelDimensionsMax Weight
941Height: 193 cm/76 in.2,640 lbs
 Width: 84.7 cm/ 33.35 in. 
 Depth: 118.3 cm/ 46.6 in. 
94EHeight: 193 cm/76 in.2,420 lbs
 Width: 84.7 cm/ 33.35 in. 
 Depth: 118.3 cm/ 46.6 in.