If you’re in the market for a business storage solution, our selection of used IBM DS8100 disk equipment will reliably meet your needs. Featuring support for up to 128 disk drives and 64 TB of data, a refurbished IBM DS8100 disk does not skimp on storage space. This model runs on IBM’s POWER5+ technology — ideal for IT environments that plan to scale up in the future. Designed for configurability, our used IBM DS8100 disks for sale will fit right into your workflow.

IBM DS8100 and DS8300 Disk Specifications

Shared SMP Processor ConfigurationPower5+ 2 wayPower5+ 4 way
Other processorsPowerPC, ASICsPowerPC, ASICs
IBM Virtualization EngineNot AvailableOptional
Memory16GB to 128GB32GB to 256GB
Interface4-port 4 Gbps Fibre/FICON4-port 4 Gbps Fibre/FICON
Interface4-port 2Gbps Fibre/FICON4-port 2Gbps Fibre/FICON
Interface2-port ESCON2-port ESCON
Min/Max Interfaces2 to 162 to 32
Min/Max Ports4 to 644 to 128
Drive InterfaceFC-ALFC-AL
Drives Min/Max16 to 38416 to 1024
Maximum TB Capacity192512
Disk drive sizes73GB 15K RPM73GB 15K RPM
Disk drive sizes146GB 15K RPM146GB 15K RPM
Disk drive sizes300GB 15K RPM300GB 15K RPM
Disk drive sizes500GB 7200 RPM (FATA)500GB 7200 RPM (FATA)
Raid Levels5, 105, 10
Dimensions (height/width/depth)193 x 84.7 x 118.3193 x 84.7 x 118.3
Expansion Frame 1193 x 84.7 x 118.3193 x 84.7 x 118.3
Expansion Frame 2Not Available193 x 84.7 x 118.3
Maximum Weight Base Frame2620lbs2880lbs
Expansion Frame 12400lbs2400lbs
Expansion Frame 2Not Available2400lbs
BTU/hr Min/Max Base13,400 to 19,80017,500 to 24,000
BTU/hr Min/Max Per Expansion frame7,540 to 22,2007,540 to 22,200
kVA Min/Max Base3.9 to 5.85.1 to 7.0
kVA Min/Max Per Expansion frame2.2 to 6.52.2 to 6.5