IBM’s DS5300 is a block storage system with 4/8GB FC or 1GB iscsi connection supporting FC drive technology and is the predecessor to the Storwize v7000. Top Gun Technology offers shelf additions and maintenance support for the DS5300 allowing you to extend the life of your storage system a little longer.

IBM DS5000 Series Technical Specifications

ModelDescriptionExpansion Support/Qty Drives SupportedDrive Support
1818-53A - DS5300, 4UDual Controller, 4U, Supports 4 8GB FC ports and 2 1GB iSCSI per controller. No internal drivesSupports up to 28 1818-D1A Expansion Frames, 448 drives4GB FC: 146GB, 300GB, 450GB, 600GB; FED: 146GB, 300GB, 450GB; SATA: 750GB, 1TB, 2TB