Keeping up with the technology trends can be challenging. The shorter OEM life cycles for new equipment are designed to keep the OEMs’ in business with constant refresh cycles leaving you with shorter and more costly depreciation schedules.


To make informed purchasing decisions, you need hardware experts who put the best interest of their client first. Our team is here to provide you with personalized IT advice, helping you make purchases that fit your budget, existing infrastructure and long-term IT strategy.


Top Gun Technology incorporates capacity planning into all of our quoted hardware mainframe, server, storage and networking configurations and upgrades. Not only does our 2 to 5-year capacity planning provided during the hardware configuration process give you flexibility to manage your IT environment, it can also:

  • Provide a cost-effective upgrade path for the system in question

  • Provide a scalable solution within the same footprint

  • Avoid the risk of requiring unobtainable licenses

  • Extend the life of the asset you are purchasing

  • Decrease latency by incorporating capacity growth

  • Break the OEM refresh cycle



Powered by ServiceNow, Top Gun Technology provides TPM 2.0 maintenance services that are uniquely designed to deliver the highest quality of infrastructure support for mission critical operations.

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