Plan for Changing IT Needs

No matter which industry you work in, your IT needs are sure to change over time. Today’s IT hardware packs incredible amounts of computing power, so it can be difficult to imagine applications that require more cores, faster memory and improved storage — but these changes are inevitable. Our team can provide you with the IBM capacity planning it takes to add predictability to your IT planning.

Plan Cost Savings

You already know that buying refurbished IBM hardware is a cost-effective alternative to buying new products, but what you might not consider are the long-term monetary benefits.

When it’s time to upgrade your data center hardware, you may be faced with a decision: Replace all of your hardware or add to your existing IT setup. While the first option is time-consuming and expensive, the second is a fast, easy and cost-effective upgrade.

Every product from Top Gun Technology is future-proof by design. Our used IT hardware runs on mature and proven system architecture, allowing you to add new hardware to your existing data center infrastructure, without having to learn completely new processes and procedures. When your workloads pick up, you can set up new hardware in less time with our selection of IBM products.

We are available to help you find the right equipment for your current IT needs and we can help you plan out a road-map for your future IT infrastructure.

Expect Higher Performance

Whether you purchase a refurbished mainframe or enterprise storage, having scalable hardware is the difference between staying productive and experiencing IT bottlenecks or outages. IBM hardware is designed to easily scale up with your business, ensuring that your company will:

  • Continue to run modern applications
  • Experience less IT downtime
  • Have a plan for future performance needs

We want to help you get the most out of your IT hardware. Our consultants are available to answer any questions you have about IBM hardware capacity planning and what you can do to prepare for the future. We will help you identify the specific products that are the best fit for your future IT needs, so you never have to worry about falling behind with performance.

Start Planning

Ready to add some predictability to your IT department hardware? Contact our team to learn more about capacity planning and how to get set for the future of IT with services from Top Gun Technology.