Mainframe Managed Services

Top Gun specializes in Mainframe Managed Services, delivering expert support across z/OS, MQSeries, and more. Our seasoned professionals ensure swift issue resolution, offering versatile and cost-effective solutions. With around-the-clock technical assistance, disaster recovery guidance, and proficient incident management, we provide robust support for mainframe upgrades, aligning with the evolving demands of business.

Terminal screen of an IBM Z System
IBM zSeries Lab in Prior Lake, MN

Managed Mainframe Services

Top Gun managed support services provide organizations the agility, economic value, stability and processes they need to meet changing business needs. Our highly skilled support professionals provide customers with 24/7 continuous end-to-end support.

  • Complete technical support of the mainframe environment
  • Maintain all software at vendor supported levels
  • 24/7 technical support
  • Problem determination and resolution
  • Disaster Recovery planning and testing
  • Problem resolution with application programmers and operators
  • Management reports of capacity planning, software review, and cost reduction
  • Production implementation of all hardware changes

Staff Augmentation

Our technical staff each has 15 to 40 years of experience. Top Gun’s Staff Augmentation services help you achieve your business goals by providing world-class engineers to work under your direction.

  • Provides flexibility around transitory IT requirements
  • Temporary short or long-term solutions available
  • Provides cost savings over full-time employment expenses
  • Can be an intermediary step toward cloud migration
Terminal screen of an IBM Z System

Extended Systems Programming Support

This service provides 24 x 7 technical support for z/OS and OEM software. We provide problem determination and take ownership of all incidents until closed.

  • Severity 1 Response in 15 to 30 Minutes
  • Problem Resolution Ownership
  • Disaster Recovery Advising / Support
  • Provide Answers to Research or “How to” Questions
  • PTF for Problem Resolution
  • 3rd Party Software Problem Support
  • Unlimited Calls

Mainframe Upgrades

In addition to our hardware maintenance, Top Gun can include hardware problem determination with hardware installation or upgrades.

  • This service provides planning, installation and migration of CPU’S, DISK, and TAPE.
  • CPU push/pull, IOCP, CHIPID review, physical planning, and production cutover
  • Disk controller load configuration, disk migration from one device to another (while production is running) disk setup for Global or Metro Mirror
  • Tape upgrade from one media type to another, migration from one device to another, while maintaining information history, tape grid planning and implementation

Complete Mainframe Support

Service DescriptionESPSStaff AugmentationManaged ServiceHardware Upgrade
IOCP Modification or Upgradesxxx
CHIPID and Address Reviewxxx
HCD Setup and Implementationxx
CPU Migration (Push/Pull)xx
Tape Migration (Media or Device Change)xx
VTS Support and Migrationxx
Tape Media Migrationxx
Encryption Support (Tape/Disk)xx
Tape Grid Setup and Implementationxx
Define Disk on Controller Supportxx
Disk Migrations (While production is running, for z/OS)xx
HSM Support (Setup, Monitoring and Reporting)xx
Global and Metro Mirror Setup and Implementationxx
Script Setup for Global/Metro Mirror (DR Backup/Restore)xx
24 x 7 x 365 Support for IBM and 3rd Party Software (Standard)xxx
8 x 5 Support for IBM and 3rd Party Software (Optional)xxx
Software Installs or Upgrade with IBM or 3rd Party Softwarexx
Software Upgrades (z/OS, z/VSE, CICS, DB2, IMS DB/DC)xx
PTF or Software Maintenance (for OEM or 3rd Party Software)xxx
15-30 Minute Response Time for Severity 1xxx
Planning Software/Hardware Upgradesxxxx
Provide Answers to Research or "How to" Questionsxxx
Take Problem Ownership thru Conclusionxxx
Problem Determination and Resolutionxxx
z/OS, z/VM/ z/VSE and zLinux Operating System Supportxxx
CICS, DB2, IMS DB/DC, SMS, MQSeries Sub System Supportxxx
3rd Party Software Supportxxx
Disaster Recovery Supportxxx
Remote Supportxxxx
System Assurance Participationxx
Monthly Account Management Meetingsxx
Operator Technical Supportxxxx
Application Programmer Technical Supportxxxx
Project Management (Optional)xxx
Unlimited Callsxxx
Database Access to All Problems or Incidentsxx

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