When it’s time to upgrade servers at your workplace, IBM’s Power System S924 is sure to meet your processing demands. Like all servers in the Power9 lineup, this product is designed to handle data-intensive workloads with ease. In order to meet tomorrow’s processing needs, our Power System S924 servers are equipped with flexible I/O configurations, making it easy to scale up. With up to 24 activated cores and a top processor speed of 3.9 GHz, this Power9 server will provide a robust backbone for your IT infrastructure.

IBM Power S924 Server Technical Specifications

Microprocessors2x POWER9 CPUs 8, 10, 12 cores
Level 2(L2) cache per core512K
Level 3(L3) cache per core120MB
RAM (memory)Up to 4TB, from 32 DDR4 IS DIMM @ 2666, 2400, and 2133 Mhz
Processor-to-Memory BandwidthUp to 170 GB/s per socket, 340 GB/s per system
L2 to L3 Cache Bandwidth7 TB/s on chip bandwidth
Operating SystemsAIX 7.2 TL2
AIX 7.2 TL0, TL1 (P8 Compatibility Mode)
AIX 7.1 TL4, TL5 (P8 Compatibility Mode)
AIX 6.1 TL9 (P7 Compatibility Mode)
IBM i 7.3 TR4 IBM i 7.2 TR8
Ubuntu 16.04.4 LTS (P8 Compatibility Mode)
RedHat RHEL 7.4 LE (P8 Compatibility Mode)
SuSe SLES 11 SP4 (P8 Compatibility Mode)
SuSe SLES 12 SP3