Discover a one socket server that offers the performance you need to handle intensive applications. Our selection of used IBM Power S812L servers for sale are flexible enough to fit a wide range of configurations for your business. These servers utilize IBM’s POWER8 processor technology, which was designed to optimize business applications in a variety of operating environments. All refurbished IBM Power S812L servers run efficiently, helping businesses save money on their energy bills.

IBM Power S812L Server Technical Specifications

OptionsPower S812L
Machine Type8247-21L
System Package2U, 19" rack
Number of Processor Sockets1
POWER8 Processor Options GHz # of Cores3.42 GHz-10
3.02 GHz-12
Max Memory (1600 MHz DIMMs)512 GB
PCIe Gen3 slots6
Max PCIe Slots: System node plus Gen3 PCIe I/O drawers 10 (4 system unit + 6 drawer)
System unit disk/SSD bays with standard or split backplane 12 SFF-3 or 6+6 SFF-3
System unit disk/SSD bays with expanded function backplane 8 SSF-3
Max EXP24SX/EXP12SX storage drawers28
Max ESP24SX/EXP12SX disk/SSD672
Max total system unit+ EXP24SX TB with 1.8TB HDD1,231 TB
AIX rPerf Range N/A
IBM i CPW RangeN/A
Capacity on DemandN/A
Max Partitions240
IBM i level N/A
AIX level N/A
Linux SupportBE: RHEL, SLES
LE: Ubuntu, SLES, RHEL
Systems Director Editions (w/VMControl)Optional