Take advantage of IBM Power7 chipset technology with our used IBM Power 780s for sale. Get an edge in processing power with increased system utilization during demand spikes. Refurbished IBM Power 780s are designed to be modular and scalable, making it easier to plan for business growth while reducing risk. What’s more, these machines give your business the means to implement virtualization using PowerVM technology. Choose a trusted name in computing and get a server that will perform reliably for years to come.

IBM Power 780 Server Technical Specifications

OptionsPer Bullding BlockSystem Max
POWER7+ processors4 8-core 3.72GHz or 4 4-core 4.42GHz16 8-core 3.72GHz or 16 4-core 4.42GHz
L2 Cache256KB per Core256KB per Core
L3 Cache10MB per Core eDRAM10MB per Core eDRAM
MemoryUp to 1TB 1066MHz DDR3 plus Active Memory ExpansionUp to 4TB 1066MHz DDR3 plus Active Memory Expansion
Integrated SAS bays for SSD or HDDUp to 6 SFF SAS Drive BaysUp to 24 SFF SAS Drive Bays
Disk DrivesUp to 6 SFF SAS DrivesUp to 24 SFF SAS Drives
Integrated Media Bays1 slimline for SATA DVD-RAM4 slimline for SATA DVD-RAM
Integrated PCI Adapter Slots6 PCIe Gen224 PCIe Gen2
Integrated Multifunction CardsUp to 1 per Enclosure Dual 10GB + Dual 1GBUp to 4 per System: Dual 10GB + Dual 1GB
Integrated SAS Controller2 SAS DASD/SSD , 1 SATA Media Controller 8 SAS DASD/SSD , 4 SATA Media Controller
Other Integrated Ports3 USB, 2 HMC, 2 SPCN9 USB, 4 HMC, 4 SPCN
GX Slots(12x)28
I/O ExpansionUp to 4 PCIe 12x I/O drawers, up to 8 PCI-X DDR 12x I/O DrawersUp to 16 PCIe 12x I/O drawers, up to 32 PCI-X DDR 12x I/O Drawers
High Bandwith PCI Adapters6GB SAS6GB SAS
Other PCI Adapters SupportedSAS, Fiber Channel, Ethernet, SCSI, WAN/Asynch, USB, Crypto, iSCSISAS, Fiber Channel, Ethernet, SCSI, WAN/Asynch, USB, Crypto, iSCSI
Operating SystemsAIX, IBM I and Linus for POWERAIX, IBM I and Linus for POWER
Power 200V to 240V ac 
Power Consumption1,600 Watts Max per Enclosure 
DimensionsRack Drawer Building Block: 6.9" H x 19" W x 34 D, 155lbs