Meet and overcome your company’s past IT barriers with our used IBM Power 710 servers. Built with Power7 chipset technology, these servers are capable of handling transactional and throughput computing with ease. No matter which server operating system you plan to run, our refurbished IBM Power 710s will handle your applications efficiently.

IBM Power 710 Server Technical Specifications

OptionsPower 710: 8231-E1D & 8268-E1D
POWER7+ processor modules-one per system4-core 3.6GHz, 6 -core 4.2GHz or 8-core 4.2GHz
L2 Cache256KB per Core
L3 Cache10MB per Core
Memory8GB to 256GB RDIMM DDR3 Active Memory Expansion
SSDUp to 6 SFFF Drives or
Disk DrivesUp to 6 SFF SAS Drives
Disk CapacityUp to 5.4TB
Media BaysSlimline-DVD-RAM, Half height for tape drive*
PCI Adapter Slots5 PCI Express Gen2 8x low profile
Standard Ethernet4 x 10/100/1000 Mbps ports
Integrated SAS Controller1 for SAS DASD/SSD 2/ RAID 10 & DVD-RAM
 Optional protected 175MB cache w/ RAID 5 and 6
High Performance PCI Adapters8GB Fibre Channel
 2 Port 16GB Fibre Channel
 2 Port 10GbE RoCE
 Dual Port 10GB Ethernet
 Dual Port 10GB Fibre Channel over Ethernet
 Dual Port QDR Infiniband
 6Gbps SAS Raid Controller
Other Integrated Ports3 USB, 2 HMC, 2 System Ports
GX Slots1 GX++ but not w/ 4-core option
Operating SystemsAIX, IBM I and Linus for POWER
Power100V to 240V ac, single phase
DimensionsRack Drawer: 3.4" H x 17.6" W x 28.6" D, 62lbs
 *Tape support results in 3 SFF bays, one tape bay and one DVD