Dell-EMC’s VNXe3200 utilize the MCx architecture improving performance, scalability and functionality and delivers unified storage provisioning in a single enclosure. The VNXe3200 is an ideal platform for physical server infrastructures and server virtualization and is ideal for smaller user configurations.

Dell EMC Gen 2 VNXe Technical Specifications

Gen 2 VNXe ModelMax Qty Drives/Max Raw CapacityProcessorFast CacheEmbedded I/O Slot/SPPort Options per Flex I/O ModuleDrives SupportedDPE OptionsDrive Encl OptionsProtocols Supported
VNXe3200, 2U6-50/200TB2 X 2.2gHZ Xeon 4-core/24GB200GB4x Base 10 GB/s per Controller8 Gb/s FC 4 portsFLASH: 100GB, 200GB 15K SAS: 300GB, 600GB, 10K AS: 600GB; NL-SAS: 2TB, 4TB12 x 3.5" Drives; 25 x 2.5" Drives12 x 3.5" SAS/NL-SAS; 25 x 2.5" SAS/FLASHCIFS (SMB1, SMB2, SMB3), NFSv3, iSCSI, FC, NLM, RIP v1-v2, SNMP, NDMP v1-v4, ARP, ICMP, SNTP, LDAP