IBM POWER End of Service Life

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IBM POWER9 End of Service Life

ModelEnd of LifeEnd of Support
IBM Power E950Not AnnouncedNot Announced
IBM Power E98010/31/2022Not Announced
IBM Power H9221/29/2021Not Announced
IBM Power H9241/29/2021Not Announced
IBM Power L9221/29/2021Not Announced
IBM Power S9141/29/2021Not Announced
IBM Power S9221/29/2021Not Announced
IBM Power S9241/29/2021Not Announced

IBM POWER8 End of Service Life

ModelEnd of LifeEnd of Support
IBM Power E850C10/31/201910/31/2024
IBM Power E88010/31/201910/31/2024
IBM Power E870C12/31/201910/31/2024
IBM Power E87012/31/201910/31/2024
IBM Power E880C12/31/201910/31/2024
IBM Power S8122/28/20195/31/2024
IBM Power S812L2/28/20195/31/2024
IBM Power S8142/28/20195/31/2024
IBM Power S8222/28/20193/31/2024
IBM Power S822L2/28/20193/31/2024
IBM Power S8242/28/20193/31/2024
IBM Power S824L2/28/20193/31/2024

IBM POWER7 End of Service Life

ModelEnd of LifeEnd of Support
IBM Power 710 Express12/31/2020
IBM Power 720 Express12/31/2020
IBM Power 730 Express12/31/2020
IBM Power 740 Express12/31/2020
IBM Power 750 Express12/31/2020
IBM Power 76012/31/2020
IBM Power 77012/31/2020
IBM Power 78012/31/2020
IBM Power 79512/31/2020
IBM Power 710 IOC9/30/2019
IBM Power 710/7309/30/2019
IBM Power 7209/30/2019
IBM Power 720 IOC9/30/2019
IBM Power 7409/30/2019
IBM Power 740 IOC9/30/2019
IBM Power 7509/30/2019
IBM Power 7559/30/2019
IBM Power 770 IOC9/30/2019
IBM Power 7759/30/2019
IBM Power 780 IOC9/30/2019

IBM POWER6 End of Service Life

ModelEnd of LifeEnd of Support
IBM Power 5203/31/2019
IBM Power 520 Express M253/31/2019
IBM Power 520 Express(R)3/31/2019
IBM Power 5503/31/2019
IBM Power 550 Express M503/31/2019
IBM Power 5603/31/2019
IBM Power 5703/31/2019
IBM Power 5753/31/2019
IBM Power 5901/31/2019
IBM Power 5951/31/2019

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