Jamie Owens

Owner & President

With more than 25 years of experience in the IT industry, Jamie bought Top Gun Technology in 2010, becoming Owner and President.  He’s not just the company President but continues his hands-on engineering involvement with all hardware projects. 

 Prior to owning Top Gun, Jamie was Vice President of Engineering, performing and managing mainframe configuration activities; working with IBM on certification and banding of all hardware. He was also very active in the field performing installations and trading hardware on a wholesale and retail level.  

Before Top Gun was formed in 2007, Jamie was the lead mainframe engineer at QSGI and its predecessor QualTech International since its inception in 1999.  He was in charge of overseeing all mainframe reconfiguration work, training other engineers to be deployed as maintenance field engineers and was the Top Gun level support for all mainframe maintenance clients. 

In the years before 1999, Jamie worked as a field engineer for prominent IT companies after serving in the Navy.

Tricia Owens

Vice President Top Gun Technology

After serving in the Army, Tricia transitioned her career into IT sales working with a leading leasing company as a Market Maker of IBM’s early air cooled processors and peripherals, supporting up to 70 retail representatives as well producing and managing marketing plans for a $250 Million revenue IBM Business Partner.  This was the beginning of her 30 years of extensive experience with end user sales and finance deals.

Tricia is a sales and marketing specialist with broad experience in all aspects of refurbished IT hardware markets. She has a strong awareness of the ever-changing market conditions on all IBM hardware platforms. Her knowledge allows her to develop and implement strategies that do more than just develop business and achieve the company’s sales goals.   Her strategies allow her and her team to manage customer expectations and contribute to a high level of customer satisfaction.

Tricia joined Top Gun Technology in 2010 and continues to manage and work with Top Gun’s sales team to understand what customers need to accomplish and meet their goals.