Top Gun Technology’s TrueView™ offers an unbiased risk assessment for each type of device in your IT environment. Our data-driven evaluation compares the risks of using an independent maintenance provider versus continued use of OEM support.

  • Analysis is based on your current IT environment and your future IT strategy.
  • Each device below represents high risk to low risk for movement from the OEM to a Top Gun support plan.

Factors assessed for the risk are:

  • Dependence on firmware updates which are still created by the OEM
  • Dependence on OEM support of licensed functions
  • Dependence on niche technical support provided by the OEM
  • Standardization to a specific firmware level and no longer updating firmware
  • OEM has discontinued firmware updates
  • OEM has retired the equipment from service life

Top Gun Technology’s TrueView ™ can:

  • Offer an immediate cost savings and reduction in OPEx spending
  • Identify situations where the OEM may be suggesting premature hardware upgrades
  • Extend the life of your equipment facing end of service life (EOSL)
  • Provide cost savings related to an unnecessary technology refresh due to an OEM’s EOSL

TrueView™ – The Process:

  • We import your asset list into our proprietary tool
  • We perform a proximity analysis for your assets with our spares
  • We prioritize the value of OEM support based on actual OEM data, mission criticality and sparing
  • We provide a report showing the risk level associated with moving devices to our Mission Critical support