As clients are dealing with the spending restraints when it comes to IT capital equipment, they are now taking the time to research the historically misunderstood secondary market. Purchasing strategies that may have worked just a few years ago may not be optimal to get the highest ROI today.

What has been the result?  Times are changing and the secondary market is instrumental in many companies’ IT hardware project planning and implementation strategies.

Let Top Gun show you how the secondary market makes sense when you need hardware, maintenance and associated services.

  • IBM zSystems: z13/2964, z13s/2965, EC12, BC12, z196 & z114 mainframes & features
  • IBM Power Systems: POWER8 & 7/7+ and legacy p & iSeries Servers
  • IBM Storage: Tape, Disk (DS8XXX and more), Libraries and VTS
  • Connectivity: FICON Directors and 16GB Switches
  • Hardware Leasing: Any platform, new or used
  • Hardware Surplus Purchasing & Consolidation Services
  • HP (new and refurbished), Dell, SUN/STK, EMC, Cisco and other manufactures’ hardware is also available

IBM zSystems Mainframes