Mainframes: z13s are moving. If you need one or feature upgrade,  call us.

EC12/BC12/z196 & z114s-we can supply whatever you need.

Power 8: 8286-42A w/1x iOS license (10,400CPW) P20 SW Tier, 1x Single Enterprise-This is a great entry level but scalable unit-can be configured to meet your needs.

V7000: 2078-324 and 24F-can be configured with SAS HSS or Flash SSDs

IBM VTS: 3957-VEB  TS7720 Virtualization Engine Server/system, 64TB raw-Upgradable to more

We have much more available -  please call to discuss your specific needs. We can reconfigure hardware to meet your exact specifications. It’s our goal to help you save and stay under budget.

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