Top Gun is globally recognized as a top performer for independent maintenance and support for business critical storage within the data center. We provide comprehensive break/fix support for hardware platforms from the leading manufacturers. Enterprises utilizing our services see consistent results and retain agility to meet your businesses’ ever-changing needs.

Storage Manufacturers Supported

Get proprietary call-home monitoring and optional software support for brands like Dell EMC, NetApp, Hitachi, IBM and HPE. Our storage maintenance solutions cover your brand needs. With a focus on IT cost controls, we are working toward removing your most significant costs. Take advantage of improvements in availability, flexibility and efficiency with a Top Gun partnership.

IBMDS8xxx StorageAll
IBMDS6xxx Storage,
DS5xxx Storage,
DS4xxx Storage,
DS3xxx Storage,
Shark Storage
IBMXIV Storage,
XIV Storage GEN2,
XIV Storage GEN3
All including
2810-A14, 2812-A14,
2810-114, 2810-214, 2812-114, 2812-214
IBMStorwize V7000,
Storwize V5000,
Storwize V3700
All Platforms,
All Platforms,
All Platforms
IBM Storage
FAS Filers,
V-Series Filers
Dell EMCCelerra Storage,
CLARiiON Storage,
Symmetrix Storage
All Platforms
Dell EMCVMAX Storage,
VNX Storage
All Platforms
Dell EMCConnectrix Storage,
PowerVault Storage
All Platforms
HPE3PAR, LeftHand, EVA arrays,
MSL Libraries,
MSA arrays, MDS arrays
All Storage Platforms
BrocadeIBM relabeled versions,
Dell EMC relabeled versions,
HPE relabeled versions
All SAN Platforms
HitachiAMSAMS200, AMS500, AMS1000, AMS2100, AMS2300, AMS2500
HitachiHUSHUS-110, HUS-130, HUS-150, HUS-VM
ManufacturerTape Family StoragePlatform
IBMTape Storage PlatformAll
IBMTape Controller PlatformAll
IBMTape Libraries 31xx,
Tape Libraries 32xx,
Tape Libraries 33xx,
All TS3100 Tape Libraries
All TS3200 Tape Libraries
All TS3310 Tape Libraries
IBMTape LibraryTS3500 Tape Library
TS3584 Tape Library
TS3494 Tape Library
TS3588 Tape Drives
TS3590 Tape Drives
TS3592 Tape Drives
Also all 3581, 3582, 3583, 3573, 3953
IBMLTO Tape DrivesAll
IBMVTS PlatformAll platforms including 3494, 3957, 3956