The Dell EMC XtremIO’s all-flash array offers a solution for customers needing performance-driven, scalable flash storage. Each X-Brick in a clustered configuration increases the IOPs for the system by 150,000 IOPS. The Bricks are controlled by a stand-alone Linux-based server which can manage multiple clusters and supports FC and iSCSI protocols. XtremIO is designed for random I/O with performance that is consistent over time, data patterns and system conditions.

Dell EMC XtremIO 4.0 Technical Specifications

Model 4.0 Gen 1Raw CapacityEffective CapacityUseable CapacityNo of SSDsN-Way Active ControllersSSD EnclosuresInfiniband SwitchesIOPs 70/30 r/w ratioHost Ports
Starter Brick X-Brick5.2TB21.5TB3.6TB13-252101500004 X 8GB FC; 4 X 10GBE
1 X Brick (10TB)10TB50TB8.33TB252101500004 X 8GB FC; 4 X 10GBE
1 X Brick (20TB)20TB100.2TB16.7TB25
1 X Brick (40TB)40TB201.6TB33.6TB25
2 X Brick (10TB)20TB100TB16.7TB504223000008 X 8GB FC; 8 X 10GBE
2 X-Brick (20TB)40TB200.4TB33.6TB
2 X-Brick (40TB)80TB403.1TB67.3TB
4 X-Brick (10TB)40TB200TB33.3TB10084260000016 x 8GB FC, 16 X 10 GBE
4 X-Brick (20TB)80TB400.8TB66.7TB
4 X-Brick (40TB)160TB806.2TB134.4TB
6 X-Brick (20TB)120TB600TB100TB150126290000024X 8GB FC, 24 X 10GBE
6 X-Brick (40TB)240TB1209TB201.5TB
8 X-Brick (20TB)160TB800TB133.3TB2001682120000032X 8GB FC, 32 X 10GBE
8 X-Brick (40TB)320TB1612TB268.7TB