IBM’s TS3310 is a modular, scalable LTO tape library designed to support up to 26 drives and 409 cartridge slots in a single rack footprint. The system expands vertically from 5U to 41U and can be expanded as tape backup requirements increase. The TS3310 optionally supports library managed and system managed encryption and has multiple paths with each tape drive able to be configured as an individual logical library.

IBM TS3310 Technical Specifications

ModelCart CapacityQty Drives SupportedI/O Slots (can be used of for I/O or data storage)Max Qty Allowed
3576-L5B, 5U352351
3576-E9U, 9U804124
Available ConfigurationsMax Slots
L5B+1 x E9U133
L5B+2 x E9U225
L5B+3 x E9U317
L5B+4 x E9U409
Supported Tape DrivesLTO ModelEncryptionNative/Compressed CapacityGenerational Cartridge CompatibilityData Transfer Rate
FC 8542LTO8Y12TB/30TBRead and Write N-1 Only300 Mps
FC 8442LTO7Y6TB/15TBRead N-2, Write N-1300 Mps
FC 8342LTO6Y2.5TB/6.25TBRead N-2, Write N-1160 Mps
FC 8242LTO5Y1.5TB/3.0TBRead N-2, Write N-1140 Mps
FC 8142LTO4Y800GB/1.6TBRead N-2, Write N-1120 Mps
FC 8042LTO3N400GB/800GBLTO 3 Earliest Supported on 357680 Mps