IBM TS3310 Technical Specifications

ModelCart CapacityQty Drives SupportedI/O Slots (can be used of for I/O or data storage)Max Qty Allowed
3576-L5B, 5U352351
3576-E9U, 9U804124
Available ConfigurationsMax Slots
L5B+1 x E9U133
L5B+2 x E9U225
L5B+3 x E9U317
L5B+4 x E9U409
Supported Tape DrivesLTO ModelEncryptionNative/Compressed CapacityGenerational Cartridge CompatibilityData Transfer Rate
FC 8542LTO8Y12TB/30TBRead and Write N-1 Only300 Mps
FC 8442LTO7Y6TB/15TBRead N-2, Write N-1300 Mps
FC 8342LTO6Y2.5TB/6.25TBRead N-2, Write N-1160 Mps
FC 8242LTO5Y1.5TB/3.0TBRead N-2, Write N-1140 Mps
FC 8142LTO4Y800GB/1.6TBRead N-2, Write N-1120 Mps
FC 8042LTO3N400GB/800GBLTO 3 Earliest Supported on 357680 Mps