IBM’s TS3100 and TS3200 tape libraries introduce the small automated tape library for management of 24 to 48 tape cartridges and 1 to 4 tape drives in either the full height or half height size. The drives range from LTO 4 through LTO 8 and are available in SAS or 8 GB FC. Library Managed Encryption and System Managed Encryption are available as an optional feature.

IBM TS3100 and TS3200 Technical Specifications

FamilyModelSlot CapacityMagazinesI/O Station
TS31003573-L2U (2U)2421 slot
TS32003573-L4U (4U)4843 slots
TS3100/3200 Tape ModelEncryptionFC Models6GBS SAS ModelsLVD iSCSI Models Ultra 160 SCSI I/FNative/Compressed CapacityGenerational Cartridge CompatibilityData Transfer Rate
LTO8YHH=8548 8GBHH=8547N/A12TB/30TBRead and Write N-1 Only300 Mps
LTO7YFH=8444 8GB; HH=8448 8GBHH=8447N/A6TB/15TBRead N-2, Write N-1300 Mps
LTO6 YFH=8344 8GB; HH=8348 8GBHH=8347N/A2.5TB/6.25TBRead N-2, Write N-1160 Mps
LTO5YFH=8244 8GB; HH=8248 8GBFH=8245; HH=8247N/A1.5TB/3.0TBRead N-2, Write N-1140 Mps
LTO4YFH=8144 4GB; HH-8148 v2 4GBFH=8145; HH=8147; 8149 v2FH=8143800GB/1.6TBRead N-2, Write N-1120 Mps
LTO3NFH=8044 4GB; HH=8047; 8049 v2FH=8043; HH=8046400GB/800GBLTO 3 Earliest Supported on 357380 Mps