IBM’s proprietary 3592 tape family offers higher throughput, better data protection and data integrity features, more flexible use of cartridges and the ability to attach to a ficon controller over the LTO technology. The 3592 can work in a rack-mounted stand-alone environment, or they can be integrated into a TS3500 or a TS4500 ATL. The current products listed below are available on the pre-owned market.

IBM 3592 Tape Drives and Controllers Technical Specifications

ModelDrive SupportQty Drives SupportedHost Attachment Switch SupportSupported Frames
3592-J703590s, 3592-J1As, TS1120Supports up to 12 drives, Direct Attach to 2 drives2GB Ficon, Escon34873494s, 3953-F05, 3590-C10, 9309, 3590-A14, 7014
3592-C063592-J1As, TS1120, TS1130, TS1140Supports up to 16 drives, Direct Attach to 4 drives4 GB Ficon, Escon34883953-F05, 7014, 3952-F05
3592-C07TS1120, TS1130, TS1140Supports up to 16 drives and up to 12 drives in stand alone; Direct Attach to 4 drives4GB or 8 GB Ficon48757014, 3952-F05
ModelController CompatibilityNative CapacitySustained Data RateCompressed Sustained Data RateRead Write Capability
3592-J1A3592-J70300GB JA/JW; 60 GB JJ/JR 40MB/s-J1A format120 MB/s - J1A formatReads and Writes J1A format
3592-E05/TS11203592-J70, 3592-C06700GB JB/JX; 500GB JA/JW; 100GB JJ/JR100 MB/s -E05 Format; 50 MB/s-J1A format280 MB/s - E05 formatReads and Writes J1A format; With encryption enables Reads/Writes E05 encrypted format
3592-E06/TS11303592-C06, 3592-C071TB JB/JX; 640GB JA/JW; 128GB JJ/JR160 MB/s - E06 format; 1340 MB/s - E05 format; 70 MB/s -J1A format350 MB/s - E06 formatReads and Writes E05 format; Reads J1A format. With encryption enabled reads and writes encrypted E06 and E05 format
3592-E07/TS11403592-C06, 3592-C074 TB JC/JY; 1.6TB JB/JX; 500GB JK250 MB/s - E07 format; 160 MB/s - E06 format650 MB/s - E07 formatReads and Writes E07 and E06 format; Reads E05 format. With encryption enabled reads and writes E07 and E06 encrypted format
3592-E08/TS115010TB JD/JZ; 7TB JC/JY; 2TB JL; 900GB JK360 MB/s - E08 format; 250 MB/s - E07 format700 MB/s - E08 formatReads and Writes E08 and E07 format. With encryption enabled reads and writes E07 and E08 encrypted format