IBM’s 3588 LTO tape series are LTO drives designed to install into the TS3500 and TS4500 automated tape library systems. Depending on the frame model, the TS3500 can support LTO 3 up to the LTO 8 tape drive, and the frames can be mixed within the ATL to allow for flexibility within multiple generations. The TS4500 supports the 3588 LTO 5 through LTO 8 tape drives.

IBM 3588 LTO Tape Drives Technical Specifications

LTO Model3588 LTO ModelNative-Compressed CapacityNative Data Transfer Rate-Compressed RateCompression RatioDrive CompatibilityWORM
LTO 83588-F8A/TS108012 TB/30 TB300 MB/s-750MBps2.5 to 1Read and Write N-1 OnlyYes
LTO 73588-F7A/TS10706 TB/15 TB300 MB/s-750MBps2.5 to 1Read N-2, Write N-1Yes
LTO 63588-F6A/TS10602.5 TB/6.25 TB160 MB/s-400MBps2.5 to 1Read N-2, Write N-1Yes
LTO 53588-F5A/TS10501.5TB/3.0 TB140 MB/s-280MBps2.0 to 1Read N-2, Write N-1Yes
LTO 43588-F4A/TS1040800GB/1.6TB120 MB/s-240MBps2.0 to 1Read N-2, Write N-1Yes