Refurbished IBM San Switches 2005 & 2026

Make the most of network storage with fibre switches that provide high-speed, high-volume performance. Used IBM 2005 and 2026 fibre switch models provide data rates of 1, 2 and 4 Gbps, so you can find the ideal hardware to match the capabilities of your network. No matter which model you choose, you will get features such as full fabric activation, security management, universal ports, self-monitoring capabilities and much more. Discover fibre network switches that fit right into your data center.

IBM 2005, 2026 Switches Technical Specifications

Machine/ModelDescriptionMin/Max Ports (increments)Port Speeds
IBM 2026-41616 port fibre channel switch8/16 (4)1, 2, 4Gbit
IBM 2026-43232 port fibre channel switch16/32 (8)1, 2, 4Gbit
IBM 2005-B1616 port fabric channel switch8/16 (4)1, 2, 4Gbit
IBM 2005-B3232 port fabric channel switch16/32 (8)1, 2, 4Gbit
IBM 2005-B6464 port fabric channel switch32/64 (16)1, 2, 4Gbit