Leave Hardware Migration to Us

Top Gun provides mergers, migrations and relocation services. We can help your company migrate data and applications to the latest refurbished mainframe offering. Whether you are looking to free up floor space, improve data throughput, or transition to a distributed environment, our IBM mainframe merger services help you streamline your IT operations.

The migration process requires thorough planning, seamless execution and ongoing support. Most companies rely on the same IT infrastructure for years, which makes the transition to new hardware a massive undertaking. A successful migration will:

  • Reduce operating costs
  • Increase system performance
  • Enhance application quality
  • Improve IT flexibility and scalability

While the benefits are clear, a disorganized migration process results in the opposite outcomes. Rather than improving IT efficiencies, improperly completing a migration is a surefire way to lose files, applications and other important data. It’s never worth taking a chance on the IT infrastructure that keeps your business productive.

With Top Gun Technology, you can expect IBM mainframe migration services that are customized to the needs of your company. In order to help you modernize your IT hardware quickly and easily, we provide several types of customer assistance including:


Moving data from one piece of hardware to another is never a straightforward process. We simplify this transition by creating a detailed plan of action that accounts for:

  • Programming languages
  • Batch and online application infrastructure
  • System level security
  • Disaster recovery infrastructure
  • Many other data considerations

In addition to helping you organize your data infrastructure for a migration, our team will create a plan for setting up the new hardware. Cords, adaptors and racking space all need to come together in the correct configuration for a successful migration. As part of our IBM hardware merger services, we will keep every physical component of your mainframe organized, ensuring that your migration goes according to plan.

Installation and Asset Swaps

It’s easy to feel comfortable with the hardware you’re used to working with, but setting up new mainframes can feel like an exercise in futility, should you go it alone. Our IT experts can help you install your new data center hardware without the hassle. We will explain your new hardware configuration in detail, so you have a thorough understanding of your new IT assets.

System Administration Support

Upgrading to new technology requires minor process changes, but we’re here to help you navigate a new approach that will ultimately enhance productivity for your entire team. Your data will remain intact, but the way you interact with it will improve. We want you to get the most out of your new mainframe hardware, and providing system administration support helps you do just that.

Find Your Mainframe

Before you move forward with IBM hardware relocation services, you need to choose the right mainframe. See our wide selection of refurbished IBM zSystems mainframes and start planning your migration!