Get More for Your IT Equipment

If your mainframes, servers, storage or other IT equipment are at the end of their lifespans, we can help you free up space in your data center. No matter what type of hardware you need to offload, we make the process simple, without sacrificing your data security. Top Gun’s IT asset disposition (ITAD) services ensure that you will get a fair price for your items, so your next technology refresh is even more affordable.

ITAD Options:

We offer several options for businesses that need to get rid of old IT equipment. Whichever you choose, you can be sure that we will make the process easy, so you can focus on capacity planning for the future of your IT department.


Top Gun Technology’s IT asset disposition of used IBM mainframes, servers and storage includes a straightforward buyback option. If your company wants to sell its IT equipment as quickly and efficiently as possible, you can sell it directly to us. The model, age and condition of the item will affect the final payment amount.


To get the most value for your equipment, a trade-in is a great option. Our refurbished IT equipment is in like-new condition, so you can be certain that your replacement hardware will provide a significant upgrade over your old equipment. What’s more, trading in your equipment with Top Gun means that we can look at your company’s unique needs and provide you with the items that are the best fit for your IT infrastructure.

A Secure Process

Your business should never take a chance on data security, especially when your used hardware is going to someone else. Our IT experts never conduct remarketing of used IBM hardware without addressing this issue first. We provide data destruction and sanitation services that remove all traces of your company’s data on the hardware you sell or trade in. In order to provide even more assurance that your data is secure, you will receive a certificate of erasure or destruction for each item we wipe clean.

Convenience Comes Standard

Another advantage of choosing ITAD from Top Gun is the simplicity of the process. We will take care of de-installation, packing and shipping so you don’t have to. The only thing you need to worry about is telling us which hardware you want to sell or replace. While you take steps to make your business better, we will handle the details that make that feat possible.