IBM Power E870C Server
Technical Specifications

Whether you’re looking to implement a private cloud environment or have more traditional IT needs, our selection of used IBM Power E870C servers for sale will provide the processing power you need. With this server, your business can securely connect a system to cloud and native applications. If you’re just getting started with cloud server solutions, IBM’s Cloud PowerVC Manager makes the process simple. Every refurbished IBM Power E870C server comes with capable processing power, so you can run the applications you rely on to keep business moving.

OptionsPower E870C
Machine Type-Model9080-MME
System Package5U/node, 19″ rack 2U system control unit
Number of system nodes1 or 2
Number of Processor Sockets4 or 8
POWER8 Processor Options GHz # of Cores4.02 GHz: 32 or 64 Min 8 cores active
Min-Max Memory (min % active) 1600 MHz DDR3/DDR4 CDIMMs256 GB -16 TB (50%) Max 8 TB per system node
System node disk/SSD baysN/A-Use EXP24SX/EXP12SX or SAN
System node Gen3 PCIe x16 slots16 slots with two nodes 8 per node
Max PCI3 Gen3 I/O drws8 (4 per node)
Max PCIe slots: System node plus Gen3 PCIe I/O drawers96 (all in PCIe I/O drawer)
Max EXP24SX/EXP12SX SAS Storage Enclosures128
Max SAS bays for disk or SSD3072
Max total system TB w/1.8 TB drives5,529 TB
AIX rPerf Range674-1,349
IBM i CPW Range359,000-711,000
Capacity on Demand OptionsCUoD, Elastic, Utility, Trial for processor & memory
Power Enterprise Pool with mobile activationsYes, with Power 770 (9117-MMD), E870, E880C and other E870C
Yes, with Power 780 (9117-MHD), 795, E880, E880C and other E870C
Power Integrated Facility for LinuxYes
Max Partitions1000
IBM i level7.1, 7.2, 7.3
AIX level6.1, 7.1, 7.2
Linux supportBE: RHEL, SLES
LE: Ubuntu, SLES, RHEL
PowerVM EnterpriseStd

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