IBM Power 795 Server
Technical Specifications

When your business needs a server that is easy to operate and powerful enough to handle demanding applications without slowdowns, consider a used IBM Power 795. These products are built on IBM’s trusted Power7 chipset technology, offering exceptional scalability. IBM emphasizes reliability in its products, and refurbished IBM Power 795s are no exception. When your business needs to run many demanding applications simultaneously, choose a server that is up to the challenge.

OptionsPower 795
Power 7 Processor Cores (Max)192 3.72GHz or 256 4.0GHz or 128 4.25 GHz(TurboCore)
Processor BooksUp to 8
SocketsUp to 32
L2 Cache256KB per Core
L3 Cache4MB per Core(eDRAM) or 8MB per Core (eDRAM)
MemoryUp to 16TB 1066MHz DDR3 – 32 dimms per Processor Book
PCIe I/O Drawers1-32 24″
Internal Disk Bays26 SAS SFF Bays in each 24″ PCIe I/O Drawer
Up to 832 Max per System in each24″ PCIe I/O Drawer
Up to 2,220 Bays in 19″ Drawers
Adapter Slots20 PCIe in each 24″ I/O Drawer- 640 Max per System
I/O Ports4 GX++ adapter Ports per Processor Book, 32 per System
Operating SystemsAIX, IBM I and Linus for POWER
Power200-240V, 380-415V, 480V ac, 550V dc
DimensionsOne Frame(Slimline Doors) 79.3″ H x 30.5″ W x 58.5″ D- 2,551lbs
One Frame(Acoustic Doors) 79.2″ H x 30,5″ D x 71.1″ H- 2,577lbs

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