Top Gun offers leading-edge products for your Mission Critical production site needs. We can supply pre-owned N-1/N-2 and older generations in DS disk product, XIV, Flash, TS tape product, and Storwize products for production, disaster recovery requirements, or testbed projects.

We can provide customized pre-owned complex storage solutions, along with maintenance and global professional services support to satisfy your business requirements. Top Gun offers a limited 1-year warranty on parts replacement for all pre-owned IBM storage, which can be supplemented with a maintenance service agreement.

IBM XIV Storage

The IBM XIV is a high-end enterprise storage system with open system connection, based on a grid design of interconnected modules that include data modules, interface modules, Ethernet switches, and uninterruptible power supply units. This unique grid of interconnected modules works in parallel to ensure tuning-free consistent performance.

The XIV offers predictable service levels for dynamic workloads, simplified scale management, including multi-tenant environments, flexible consumption models, and robust cloud automation and orchestration through OpenStack, RESTful API and VMware.

Data encryption is also available with the third generation of XIV product.

IBM XIV Storage Technical Specifications

Drive sizes for the modules increased over the generations and now include the 3TB and 4TB SAS size. The architecture for all XIVs is based on a minimum size of 6 modules with a maximum of 15 modules. There are 12 drives in each module.

IBM DS8000 Series Storage

The IBM DS Series expands multiple generations and covers entry-level to mid-range storage products.

The IBM DS8000 Series expands multiple generations and covers enterprise-level storage. These systems were designed for high-performance, high-capacity, flexibility, and resiliency.

The IBM DS6800 Series has Point in Time Copy, PAV for Count Key Data management, and Remote Mirroring capabilities to DS8000 series systems. The series covers 4 and 8 GB FC attachment; 4 GB Ficon attachment for attachment to Z Series and 1 to 10 GB iscsi attachment.

IBM DS8000 Storage Series Technical Specifications

The technology for the drives range from FC (10-15K rpm) and SATA (7.2K rpm) to SAS (10K), SAS SSD (400 GB), and NL SAS. Drive sizes on the FC drives range from 73gb 15K drives up to 600gb 15K FC, up to 2 TB SATA drives; up to 1.8TB 10K SAS, and 4 TB NL SAS. The storage type runs from block to count key data.

The DS Series is managed by the DS Storage Manager management software. Advanced functions are also available on the DS series, such as:

  • Copy service options
  • Optional advanced disaster recovery functions
  • Storage partitions
  • FlashCopy
  • VolumeCopy
  • Enhanced remote mirroring

IBM DS8000 Storage Series Storage

The systems originated with FC/FC FDE/SSD and SATA drives and have since migrated to the 2.5” SFF 10-15K rpm SAS/SAS SSD/NL SAS and self-encrypted SAS drives for the models 951 and above. Drive sizes for the SAS go up to 1.2 TB 10K drives, SSDs go up to 1.6 TB and near line SAS drives up to 4 TB.

The generations available today vary from 4-core processors up to 24-core processors. The processors are based on the IBM P Series processors ranging from P5+(8700) through P7+ for the 8870.

The 8870 series and above also feature all flash configurations (up to 96TB). DS8700s and above feature tiered storage using a combo of all flash, SAS SSD and SAS drives. The system addresses up to 256 logical subsystems, over 65,000 logical devices, over 130,000 logical paths and up to 8,000 process logins.

Host adapter connection is FC or Ficon and the later models support 16 adapters, which can each have 4 to 8 FC or Fibre ports (8gb or 16GB). DS8000s are compatible with AIX, HP, Linux, Solaris, IBM i, IBM z.

Licensed functions include:

  • Point in Time Copy
  • Space-Efficient Point in Time Copy
  • Remote Mirror
  • Global Mirror
  • Metro Mirror
  • Metro Global Mirror
  • HyperPAV
  • PAV
  • Thin Provision
  • Easy Tier

IBM DS Storage Series

IBM’s DS Storage Family covers midrange and enterprise storage products. The DS family is based on hybrid block storage with a tiered structure. The products began with the Fast T line covering multiple generations of the DS4000, migrated to DS3000 and DS5000 adding 8GB FC connections, and scales into the Enterprise space designed for the IBM Z connection with the DS6800 and the DS8000 line.

The DS8000 line, a highly scalable, customized, software-defined storage solution is designed for businesses needing immediate access to their data and has the capacity to connect to hundreds of host interfaces with different OS environments using the DS Storage Manager management system and GUI interface. The DS8000 is now in its 6th generation offering an enterprise all-flash solution.